La Perla Blanca by Ambience Home Design

La Perla Blanca is a luxurious private residence located in Estepona, Spain, designed in 2017 by Ambience Home Design.

Exquisite modern villa with clean lines, spacious layout, and lavish outdoor amenities.
Expansive open-concept living area with sleek furniture, contemporary lighting, and outdoor views.
Spacious living room with modern, minimalist decor and custom wood paneling feature.
An expansive, modern living room with a large, plush sectional sofa, crystal chandelier, and panoramic windows offering a scenic nighttime view.
Luxurious living room with ornate crystal chandelier, marble fireplace, and plush navy sofa.
Spacious modern dining room with large wooden table, leather chairs, and garden views.
Spacious living room with plush seating, wood paneling, and scenic night cityscape view.
Spacious, modern bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, plush furnishings, and abstract art.
Luxurious modern bedroom with large bed, plush rug, and striking artwork on the walls.
Spacious bedroom with warm wood paneling, plush bedding, and modern lighting fixtures.
Luxurious modern bedroom with minimalist furnishings, sliding glass doors, and abstract artwork.
Sleek modern bedroom with a four-poster bed, glass walls, and an orange sofa.
Chic modern interior with plush green sofas, pool, and dramatic lighting features.
Spacious, modern living room with large sectional sofa, wooden deck, and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Lush, landscaped pool area with modern white villa and Mediterranean-style palms.

About La Perla Blanca

Welcome to La Perla Blanca, a luxurious residential haven designed by Ambience Home Design in 2017. Located in Estepona, Spain, this house stands as a stunning showcase of modern luxury.

A Majestic Welcome

La Perla Blanca greets guests with its grandeur. The architecture is a composition of clean lines and expansive glass, creating a seamless flow between the lush landscape and the living spaces. As dusk falls, the exterior lights cast a warm glow, highlighting the house’s modern design.

Transition to Elegance

Stepping inside, the journey begins in the foyer where minimalist design elements set a sophisticated tone. Moving through, the living room opens up with plush seating and floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the Mediterranean Sea. Here, the indoors and outdoors merge, offering a spacious area for relaxation and entertainment.

The dining room continues the theme of understated luxury with a large wooden table and leather chairs. Sliding doors open to views of the manicured gardens, enhancing the dining experience with natural beauty.

Private Quarters

Each bedroom is a retreat, offering comfort and style. The master suite boasts a unique four-poster bed and a blend of soft textures and natural tones, while an adjacent room features dark wood and rich textures, providing a cozy atmosphere. Views from these rooms are unobstructed, serving as living art with the sea as a backdrop.

In La Perla Blanca, the kitchen and informal dining areas are as stylish as they are functional. Modern appliances are integrated into sleek cabinetry, and a casual dining table offers a gathering spot for intimate meals.

Completing the tour, the main living area blends artistic accents with luxury. Sculptural furniture and striking art pieces create a gallery-like feel, inviting residents and guests to linger and enjoy.

La Perla Blanca is not just a house; it’s a showcase of modern design and comfort. Its architectural and interior elements work in harmony, offering a living experience that’s as beautiful as its Estepona setting.

Photography by Charly Simon

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- by Matt Watts