Apartment in Hsinchu by HOZO Interior Design

Apartment in Hsinchu is a contemporary apartment located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, designed in 2017 by HOZO Interior Design.

Stylish open-plan layout with neutral tones, modern lighting, and integrated kitchen.
Sleek, modern interior with gray sofa, colorful accents, and geometric tile backsplash.
Bright, minimalist living room with sleek furnishings, modern lighting, and a welcoming atmosphere.
Spacious, open-concept living space with modern kitchen, wood and neutral tones.
A modern, minimalist dining room with white cabinets, black worktop, and pendant lights.
A cozy children's bedroom with minimalist furniture, large windows, and a plush rug.
Cozy modern bedroom with textured rug, plush bedding, and minimalist decor.
A modern bedroom design with a dark geometric accent wall, wooden bed frame, and white shuttered windows.

About Apartment in Hsinchu

Welcome to “Apartment in Hsinchu,” a contemporary gem nestled in Taiwan’s vibrant city of Hsinchu. Crafted by HOZO Interior Design, this 2017 project invites us into a realm where modern living intertwines with comfort and style.

Contemporary Living in Hsinchu

Step inside and experience the seamless blend of space and light in the living area. The clean lines of the furniture and the neutral palette set a calm tone. A plush sofa adorned with yellow and gray cushions anchors the room, while the sleek kitchen, defined by wood accents and geometric tiles, transitions naturally from cooking to social spaces.

A Tranquil Retreat

The bedroom, a study in tranquility, offers a restful escape. A dark blue accent wall contrasts with crisp white bedding, complementing the wooden bed frame. Light filters through shutters, adding a serene glow.

Next, the child’s room captures imagination with subtle hues and playful decor. Alphabet-patterned wallpaper and a cuddly bear light create a nurturing atmosphere. Here, design meets delight in every corner.

Design Details

The dining area, adjacent to the living space, is minimalist yet inviting. A dark table, modern chairs, and artistic lighting form a perfect setting for shared meals. It’s a space that proves functional design can also warm the heart.

The apartment culminates in a versatile space, balancing work, play, and relaxation. This room mirrors the contemporary ethos of the apartment, blending practicality with creative design elements.

This tour of the “Apartment in Hsinchu” closes on a note of harmony, where every room flows into the next, illustrating the expertise of HOZO Interior Design. Here, form meets function in a dance of contemporary style.

Photography courtesy of HOZO Interior Design

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- by Matt Watts