Merilyn House by The Little Brick Studio

Designed in 2017 by Little Brick Studio, Merilyn House is a contemporary two-story residence situated in Frankston South, Australia.

Spacious modern living room with sleek fireplace, hardwood floors, and open kitchen.
Expansive glass walls, exposed wood beams, and a centrally placed fireplace create an inviting, modern living space.
Spacious living room with large windows, modern fireplace, and wood paneled walls.
Expansive modern interior with wooden floors, stone wall, and sleek kitchen design.
Sleek modern kitchen with wood accents, minimalist lighting, and a large dining table.
Sleek, modern kitchen with gray cabinetry, wood tones, and pendant lighting over the island.
Modern bedroom with wooden walls, sleek gray closets, and hardwood flooring.
Spacious modern bedroom with large windows, wooden flooring, and colorful artwork.
Sleek modern bathroom with freestanding bathtub, vanity, and panoramic outdoor view.
A sleek and modern bathroom with a large TV, vanity, and glass shower enclosure.
A modern, wood-accented house with a paved walkway, surrounded by lush vegetation.
Modern, multi-level home with sleek design, glass walls, and a playful slide nestled in the woods.

About Merilyn House

Introducing a Modern Marvel

A new, impressive home designed by the emerging Little Brick Studio stands proudly over the Moorooduc plains. Drawing inspiration from the property’s breathtaking views, this modern Australian home blends luxury with nature.

Maximizing Views with Strategic Design

The home’s double-story structure perches on a sloping site, transforming it into an advantage. Elevated living areas nestle among treetops, offering both privacy and panoramic views. The design features rammed earth walls in rich organic colors, contrasted with lightweight spotted gum, colorbond cladding, and black steel-framed windows for a modern touch. Ben Mulholland from Little Brick Studio emphasizes the importance of blending the dwelling with its surroundings.

A Glimpse Inside: Elegance and Warmth

Inside, the home boasts a subtle color palette and natural materials that add texture and warmth. Oak floors and a timber feature wall enhance the living room’s charm, highlighted by a pendant fireplace. The kitchen combines timber accents with sleek grey cabinetry, centered around a breakfast bar island. It opens to a spacious living and dining area, complete with vaulted ceilings and full-height glazing. This leads to an entertainment deck and an infinity pool below, all designed to capture the stunning valley views.

Private Retreats and Strategic Planning

The master bedroom offers a luxurious escape, featuring oak flooring, a reading nook, and an ensuite with a freestanding bath by a full-height window. Strategic window placement allows for unobstructed valley views and treetop glimpses. The garage is cleverly located to conceal utility and pool service areas, providing easy access to the lower garden. The landscaping incorporates native grasses and plants, with an emphasis on preserving existing trees.

Ben Mulholland reflects on the project, highlighting the owners’ desire to amplify the land’s natural beauty while offering luxurious living. This home stands as a testament to modern Australian architecture, where design meets nature in harmony.

Photography by Luke Boyle

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- by Matt Watts