Villas Cousines by Daniela Q Carneiro

Designed by Daniela Q Carneiro, Villas Cousines is a modern two-story residence situated in Vésenaz, Switzerland.

Modernist home with glass walls, swimming pool, and lush landscaping. Sleek, minimalist design.
A modern, minimalist kitchen with sleek, wood-paneled cabinetry and large windows offering scenic views.
The kitchen features a sleek black countertop, wooden cabinets, and large windows overlooking the lush greenery.
A modern, minimalist exterior with clean lines, large glass panels, and a gently sloping concrete stairway.
Modern architectural design with extensive glass walls, wooden flooring, and framed views of surrounding nature.
Minimalist modern home with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, concrete pool, and lush greenery.
Modern glass and wood exterior with patio, stairs, and surrounding foliage.
Modern glass and concrete structure surrounded by lush greenery and a manicured lawn.

About Villas Cousines

Welcome to “Villas Cousines,” a modern architectural gem designed by Daniela Q Carneiro. Nestled in Vésenaz, Switzerland, this two-story residence, conceived in 2024, showcases a seamless blend of nature and avant-garde design.

Elegant Modernity Amidst Nature

Approaching Villas Cousines, the balance of clean lines and natural elements defines its modern ethos. The expansive glass façades reflect the serene environment, blurring boundaries between inside and out. A sophisticated pool area, framed by concrete and greenery, invites relaxation while echoing the property’s sleek, geometric precision.

A Seamless Transition to Opulence

Transitioning to the interior, the villa’s design favors transparency and fluidity. The hallway, a gallery of light and reflection, guides you through the living spaces. Glass balustrades accompany your journey, maintaining visual connectivity with the exterior’s tranquil palette.

Refined Interiors: A Narrative of Spaces

Each room unfolds with purpose and elegance. The living room’s expansive glazing frames verdant tableaus, a dynamic canvas of the changing seasons. Progressing to the kitchen, functionality meets finesse; sleek countertops and wood finishes underscore a culinary theatre, designed to both entertain and inspire.

Villas Cousines, a symphony of modern design and natural elegance, stands as a testament to Daniela Q Carneiro’s visionary prowess. Within this abode, every space, every line, speaks of a bespoke lifestyle, crafted meticulously for the discerning inhabitant.

Photography by Thomas Jantscher

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- by Matt Watts