Chino Canyon House by Hundred Mile House

Redesigned in 2016 by Hundred Mile House, Chino Canyon House is a mid-century 2,250 sq ft single family residence located in Palm Springs, California.

Modern desert home with glass walls, pool, and outdoor seating area against palm trees.
A modernist desert oasis with a stunning pool, wooden beams, and lush greenery.
Rustic wooden beams, sleek concrete floors, and a striking black brick fireplace create a cozy, modern atmosphere.
Cozy mid-century modern living room with wood-beamed ceiling, black brick fireplace.
A modern dining room with wooden beams, large windows, and a sleek light fixture.
Rustic modern dining area with wooden ceiling, black furniture, and geometric backsplash.
Spacious home office with wooden ceiling, built-in cabinets, and large windows.
Cozy bedroom with wooden ceiling, neutral bedding, and decorative lighting fixtures.
A cozy bedroom with wooden ceiling beams, minimalist decor, and a modern lighting fixture.
Modern bathroom with sleek vanity, glass shower enclosure, and stylish tiling.
Contemporary bathroom with sleek black tiles, glass shower enclosure, and freestanding white tub.

About Chino Canyon House

Reviving a Classic: A Fresh Take on a 1954 Palm Springs Home

In 1954, a custom-built home emerged at the foot of San Jacinto Mountain in Palm Springs, California. Its design echoes the legendary Cliff May Rancho homes with its original post-and-beam construction and custom wooden windows. Despite its unknown architect, the home stands as a testament to mid-century architecture.

A Delicate Balance: Modernizing While Preserving Character

Our mission focused on retaining the home’s distinct charm while introducing modern enhancements. We aimed to boost energy efficiency, space, and functionality. Remarkably, we more than doubled the living space (expressing all measurements with imperial equivalents), yet managed to maintain a low-profile street view. The new L-shaped design encircles an entrance courtyard, drawing inspiration from the Southwest’s iconic ranch homes. Additionally, a new pool and patio area, alongside private outdoor spaces linked to each bedroom, offer a taste of the quintessential California lifestyle.

Smart Design for Desert Living

The original design wisely took the desert sun into account, shading the main living space and window wall for most of the day. This was achieved through deep eaves and a strategic Northwest orientation. Our additions build on this intelligent design, further considering the home’s desert surroundings.

A Palette Inspired by the Desert Landscape

The materials chosen reflect the desert’s raw, yet understated beauty. We combined rusted steel fencing and courtyard walls with a crisp, sand-colored stucco. Dark wooden windows contrast with the rust, injecting warmth and a touch of sophistication into the home.

This renovation and expansion project breathes new life into a 1954 home, blending timeless design with modern living essentials. It stands as a homage to its origins while welcoming a future of comfortable, stylish living in one of California’s most iconic landscapes.

Photography by Lance Gerber

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- by Matt Watts