Maury Island Cabin by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

This vacation home located in Vashon Island, Washington, was designed by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer.

Cozy living room with wooden beams, colorful furnishings, and eclectic artwork.
Cozy kitchen nook with open shelving, diverse artwork, and retro furnishings.
Cozy, rustic living space with vaulted ceiling, large windows, and eclectic furnishings.
Cozy kitchen with farmhouse-style decor, wooden beams, and pendant lighting above island.
Cozy bedroom with wood-paneled walls, vintage furniture, and striped area rug.
A cozy bathroom featuring a claw-foot tub, ornate vanity, and a framed artwork on the wall.
Bright, organized mudroom with shelves, hooks, and storage for coats, hats, and shoes.
A cozy lakeside porch with a built-in bench, patterned rug, and expansive window offering scenic views.
A cozy lakeside deck with a covered seating area, surrounded by vibrant autumn foliage.
Cozy country cottage with a charming porch, surrounded by a vibrant garden.

About Maury Island Cabin

Welcome to Maury Island Cabin

Nestled on Vashon Island, Washington, the Maury Island Cabin stands as a testament to the seamless blend of history and modern comfort. Designed by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer, this cabin, originally from the 1890s, has been given new life through a thoughtful renovation.

Timeless Exterior

As the sunlight graces the whitewashed siding, the Maury Island Cabin’s presence is as calming as the seascape it overlooks. This former shipbuilder’s retreat, with its refurbished exterior, offers a welcoming embrace to all who seek solace on its grounds.

A Journey Through the Interior

Stepping inside, the living room greets guests with white cedar walls and a Douglas fir floor. A rich red sofa and a circular wooden table invite lively conversation, while a constellation of nautical artifacts and cozy textiles reflects the cabin’s beach style. Each item, meticulously chosen, speaks to a storied past while accommodating the laid-back lifestyle of the beachfront.

Move to the kitchen where functionality meets form. Here, modern appliances are balanced by antique furnishings, echoing the home’s historical charm. The adjoining dining area, highlighted by an ‘EAT’ sign, offers a rustic setting for meals with a waterfront view.

In the bedroom, tranquility reigns. Simple yet thoughtful decor, like a painting that evokes seaside memories, complements the serene surroundings. The blend of textures and patterns in the linens and rugs ensures a comfortable, restful space.

Transitioning to the bathroom, one finds a restored clawfoot tub, painted in a whisper of blue, standing proudly. Its vintage fixtures and a backdrop of maritime art pieces create an enclave for relaxation.

Concluding the tour, the mudroom’s array of hats and boots hints at days spent exploring the island, while the benches offer a place to shed the remnants of outdoor adventures.

Throughout the Maury Island Cabin, Hoedemaker Pfeiffer has skillfully woven together elements of history, nature, and comfort, crafting a retreat that honors its origins while warmly welcoming the future.

Photography by Thomas J. Story

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- by Matt Watts