House in Vilnius by Rūta Bajevaitė

House in Vilnius is a contemporary apartment designed in 2017 by Rūta Bajevaitė of Dizaino inkilas located in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Modern living room with gray sofa, minimalist furniture, and textured rug on wooden floor.
Modern living room with grey sofa, wood accents, and geometric patterned rug.
Spacious open-plan living area with concrete walls, wooden accents, and modern furniture.
Minimalist living room with wood slat divider, modern furniture, and patterned rug.
Elegant modern dining area with wooden slat divider, pendant lights, and hardwood floor.
Sleek contemporary kitchen with wooden accents, white cabinetry, and stylish pendant lights.
Minimalist bedroom with concrete accent wall, built-in shelving, and hardwood flooring.
A modern bathroom with wooden vanity, circular mirror, and recessed shelves.

About House in Vilnius

Nestled in the verdant landscapes of Vilnius, Lithuania, “House in Vilnius” stands as a paragon of contemporary design. Crafted by the visionary Rūta Bajevaitė of Dizaino inkilas in 2017, this apartment reflects a seamless blend of modern aesthetics and functional elegance.

A Modernist Welcome

The journey into this abode begins with a warm, inviting corridor. Subtle lighting accentuates the rich wooden floors leading to a minimalist, yet cozy study nook. It’s a space that promises productivity and tranquility.

The Heart of the Home

Transitioning into the living area, the narrative of space speaks in tones of sophistication. The plush, grey sofa anchors the room, flanked by wood-paneled accents and floor-to-ceiling curtains. It’s an area designed not just for relaxation, but for savoring life’s moments.

Adjacent to the living room, the dining space offers an ode to communal experiences. The elegant table, surrounded by chic chairs under sleek, pendant lights, sets the stage for memorable gatherings. The wooden partitions add a rhythm to the space, balancing privacy and openness.

The kitchen’s crisp, white countertops contrast with the warm wood tones, crafting a culinary workshop that’s both inspiring and intimate. Every element works in harmony, from the state-of-the-art appliances to the strategically placed lighting.

Intimate Sanctuaries

The narrative of tranquility continues into the bedroom, where a muted palette and textural contrasts invite restful repose. A custom headboard doubles as a shelf, showcasing the designer’s meticulous attention to detail.

In the bathroom, circular mirrors play with geometry, reflecting the clean lines of the floating vanity. It’s a space where form meets function in a dance of minimalist elegance.

Every room within “House in Vilnius” is a testament to Rūta Bajevaitė’s masterful design language. This project stands not just as a dwelling but as a beacon of contemporary design, resonating with the essence of its locale.

Photography courtesy of Rūta Bajevaitė

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- by Matt Watts