House in Toorak by Northbourne Architecture and Design

Designed by Sally Holbrook of Northbourne Architecture and Design, House in Toorak is a beautiful home located in Melbourne, Australia.

Minimalist living room with a fireplace, art piece, and tropical plant accents creating a cozy ambiance.
Well-designed nursery featuring minimalist decor, wooden crib, and framed artwork on the walls.
A modern bedroom with a large bookshelf, white walls, and a cozy gray blanket.
A cozy bedroom with a large, wooden shelving unit displaying decor and plants.
Cozy bedroom with textured bedding, wood furniture, and ornate ceiling decor.
Minimalist bedroom with abstract artwork, cable-knit throws, and a wooden nightstand.
Modern, minimalist hallway with wooden accents and a small chair against a white wall.
Minimalist bathroom design with sleek black fixtures, textured marble countertop, and modern vanity.
Bright bathroom with large oval tub, patterned black tiles, and arched windows.
A modern, minimalist bathroom with sleek white cabinets, a wooden bench, and a pendant light fixture.
Minimalist bathroom design with freestanding tub, glass wall, and mosaic tile floor.

About House in Toorak

Revolutionizing Home Spaces

In Melbourne, a young couple, expecting their first child, felt their home needed more space. Sally Holbrook of NORTHBOURNE Architecture + Design, through a ‘Design Diagnosis’ process, surprisingly found no need for an extension. Instead, a transformation awaited within the home’s current footprint.

A Unique Architectural Approach

Typically, architects might propose an extension, potentially increasing their workload. However, Holbrook took an unconventional route. She recognized the home’s “excellent bones” and ample space. Her vision? A redesign that marries functionality with style, without the hassle of an extension.

NORTHBOURNE masterfully reimagined the home’s layout, tailoring it to the growing family’s needs while also minimizing environmental impact. The redesign included a luxurious master suite complete with a walk-in robe (closet) and an ensuite. Bedrooms received functional storage, and the creation of a grand main bathroom alongside a practical laundry room elevated the home’s utility. Additionally, the introduction of an intimate lounge, featuring a functional fireplace and wood storage, added warmth and charm.

Contemporary Upgrades for Timeless Elegance

A significant upgrade involved installing new timber flooring throughout the home, infusing it with a modern yet timeless allure. This strategic choice not only modernized the space but also ensured a cohesive aesthetic throughout.

Client Satisfaction and Cost-Effective Solutions

This approach not only conserved the clients’ time and finances but also perfectly aligned with their vision for a harmonious family lifestyle. Their satisfaction speaks volumes about the effectiveness of choosing a smart redesign over the conventional extension route. NORTHBOURNE’s strategy showcases how understanding a home’s potential can lead to fulfilling outcomes without the need for expansion.

Photography courtesy of Northbourne Architecture and Design

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- by Matt Watts