Malvern House by Dan Webster Architecture

Malvern House is a four-bedroom house located in Malvern, Melbourne, Australia, designed by Dan Webster Architecture.

Modern exterior with a mix of wooden slats, black brick, and glass elements.
Minimalist kitchen design with sleek gray and light wood cabinetry, center island, and tile flooring.
Minimalist living room with large windows, black leather chair, and abstract art.
Spacious, minimalist hallway with wooden beams and gray tile flooring, leading to other rooms.
A contemporary staircase with a wooden slat railing, creating a striking visual feature.
Minimalist bathroom with white subway tiles, dark vanity, and round mirror reflecting shelves.
Modern bedroom with large windows, minimalist furniture, and clean lines.
A modern, minimalist architectural design featuring exposed concrete, wooden slats, and large windows.

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Innovative Design in Malvern’s Heart

Nestled on a compact 386m2 (4,154 sq ft) block along a quaint one-way road, this project introduces a new residential haven among historic, single-fronted miners’ cottages in Malvern. The designers cleverly maximized the street setback, employing angles to soften the visual impact of the facade. Moreover, they cleverly moved car accommodation off the street, incorporating a spacious basement for four vehicles.

A Thoughtful Brief

Responding to the brief, the team envisioned a four-bedroom residence tailored for a family with grown-up children, aiming for a spacious ambiance. Achieving a harmonious balance between the built area and open space around the dwelling emerged as a crucial challenge. Furthermore, the basement not only offers parking but also houses a bedroom with an ensuite, laundry, and a cozy lounge, effectively minimizing the footprint of the levels above. This strategic design decision opens up additional living space for the family.

Maximizing Light and Space

The main living area, strategically positioned along the southern boundary, welcomes abundant sunlight from the north, enhancing the northern courtyard and living space. Large sliding doors enhance this area’s flexibility and foster a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors. An insitu concrete seat and barbecue bench flow into the living area, morphing into the fireplace’s hearth and further uniting these spaces.

Aesthetic of Raw Elegance

The home’s aesthetic leans towards the raw, showcasing exposed natural timber set to gracefully age and grey. Galvanized steel accents throughout the house add a refined yet rugged edge. This blend of materials and design elements crafts a dwelling that stands out for its sophistication and raw beauty, setting a new standard for modern living in Malvern.

By prioritizing innovative design solutions, this residence not only addresses its brief with finesse but also establishes a dialogue between its historic context and contemporary living needs.

Photography courtesy of Dan Webster Architecture

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- by Matt Watts