Office in Kyiv by MalyKrasota Design

Office in Kyiv, Ukraine, is an industrial office space designed by MalyKrasota Design.

A modern, industrial-style office design with a plush green sofa, potted plants, and sleek lighting fixtures.
Industrial-style living space with concrete ceiling, lush greenery, and vibrant furniture.
Minimalist concrete interior with lush greenery, sleek black cabinetry, and vibrant furniture.
Sleek industrial-style interior with concrete ceiling, geometric light fixtures, and cozy green seating.
A modern shelving unit with mirrors, decorative objects, and a green plant against a textured wall.
Modern, industrial-inspired interior with exposed concrete ceiling, neon sign, and lush greenery.
Contemporary modular office space with glass and metal partitions, ornate mirror, and potted plant.
Eclectic office space with an orange table, glass partitions, and a crystal chandelier.
A modern, minimalist interior with industrial-style lighting, potted plants, and a sculptural figure.

About Office in Kyiv

Nestled in the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine, lies a workspace that eschews the conventional in favor of the innovative. Designed by the visionary MalyKrasota Design, ‘Office in Kyiv’ redefines the corporate environment. As we embark on this visual tour, note the untouched ceiling and screed floors, a nod to the building’s industrial past. Crafted in 2024, this space prioritizes functionality and artistic flair over standard office norms.

Embracing Industrial Aesthetics

Upon entering the vestibule, guests are greeted by a utilitarian wardrobe—a smart solution for storing outerwear. Transitioning from the entryway, the golden arch beckons, leading to an expansive recreation area. The focal point here is a large, plush sofa, embodying comfort and collaboration in the heart of Kyiv.

Functional Zoning in Design

The office’s clever zoning is exemplified by a private meeting room, distinct with its large pink table. Polycarbonate and metal surfaces gleam in contrast, reflecting the bold choices of MalyKrasota Design. This multifunctional area, adaptable and private, exemplifies modern work dynamics.

Art and Leisure in Harmony

Balance is key, and this office offers a space dedicated to relaxation and inspiration. Opposite the meeting room is an enclave for gatherings, crowned by the iconic David sculpture. Here, decor and function meld, creating an atmosphere where creativity is not confined to a desk but is inspired by the very space one inhabits.

The Office in Kyiv challenges traditional workspaces with its raw, industrial design and adaptive areas. MalyKrasota Design’s vision breathes new life into office culture, crafting a space where art, design, and utility coexist seamlessly.

Photography by Yanchenkov Photography

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- by Matt Watts