Office in Kiev by MalyKrasota Design

Located in Kiev, Ukraine, this industrial office space was designed by MalyKrasota Design.

Description by MalyKrasota Design

Office space we left as much as possible in its original form. The ceiling was left open, the floor screed too. The space is divided into functional zoning. Near the entrance there is a small vestibule with a wardrobe for outer clothing, then through the golden arch you enter the recreation area, a large soft sofa. In the office there is a small meeting room with a large pink table. If necessary, you can close the doors and separate this area. Opposite the meeting room is a place for parties, there is a sculpture of David. On this project, we were interested in using materials such as polycarbonate, gold and silver stainless steel, sculptures. The space is maximally mobile, since the guys do not need standard workplaces. They are working with decor. Therefore, instead of standard desktops, we have a large sofa, a corner for the florist, a pink table and a sculpture of David.

Photography by Yanchenkov Photography

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- by Matt Watts

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