Midcentury Home by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Designed in 2017 by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Midcentury Home is a single family house located in Beaverton, Oregon, United States.

A modern, open-concept living space with vaulted wooden ceilings, exposed beams, and a mix of contemporary and rustic furnishings.
Spacious dining area with wood-paneled ceiling, built-in shelves, and large windows.
Bright, modern kitchen with sleek white cabinetry, wooden ceiling, and gray tile flooring.
Spacious and modern bedroom with large windows, wood-paneled ceiling, and mid-century furnishings.
Spacious entryway with wooden ceiling, large floral artwork, and potted plants.
Modern patio with triangular textured wall, wood floor, and colorful patterned chairs.
Striking modern entryway with bold green door, wood-paneled ceiling, and terrazzo floor.

About Midcentury Home

A Revitalized Classic: Midcentury Home in Oregon

Nestled in Beaverton, Oregon, the Midcentury Home emerges as a testament to timeless design. Crafted by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design in 2017, this house blends historic charm with modern sensibilities. As one approaches the home, the clean lines and expansive windows hint at the elegant minimalism awaiting within.

The Heart of Midcentury Modernity

Stepping inside, the living room welcomes visitors with its high, beamed ceilings and open plan, setting the stage for the home’s midcentury ethos. Here, the juxtaposition of plush blue sofas against the stark geometry of the fireplace embodies the design’s philosophy: comfort without sacrificing style.

Transitioning to the kitchen, the sleek white cabinetry and marble countertops reflect GHID’s attention to functionality. This space, lit by globe pendants, offers a seamless culinary experience, harmonizing with the dining area’s warm wooden tones and soft-textured chairs.

Private Spaces and Creative Places

The bedroom, a sanctuary of rest, balances tranquility with bursts of color through striped pillows. Full-length glass doors blur the boundary between the interior serenity and the lush Oregon greenery. Further into the heart of the home, the interior atrium presents itself as a vibrant retreat. The geometric concrete tile and citron metal chairs, crowned by a piece of cherished circular art, pay homage to the homeowner’s personal narrative.

Each room, meticulously curated, contributes to the home’s storied canvas. The Midcentury Home, a marriage of history and modernity, stands not only as a living space but as a narrative of revived midcentury artistry.

Photography courtesy of Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

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- by Matt Watts