House in Burgundy by FG Studio

House in Burgundy is an inspiring rustic residence located in Burgundy, France, designed in 2017 by FG Studio.

Rustic wooden beams, brick walls, eclectic furnishings, and colorful accents create a cozy, inviting ambiance.
Rustic wood ceiling, subway tile backsplash, wood cabinetry, and terrazzo flooring create a cozy kitchen.
Rustic kitchen with exposed wood beams, arched entryway, and natural stone backsplash.
Curved staircase with black metal railing, round table, and woven chair in cozy interior.
A cozy rustic bedroom with wooden beams, a fireplace, and traditional furnishings.
A rustic bathroom with a vintage-style vanity, ornate mirror, and hexagonal tile floor.

About House in Burgundy

Embarking on a journey through the “House in Burgundy,” designed by FG Studio in 2017, readers are invited to explore a quintessentially rustic French residence, nestled in the heart of Burgundy, France. This showcase of design combines modern amenities with rustic charm, embodying a sophisticated yet cozy atmosphere.

Rustic Elegance in the Living Room

Step through the antique doors into a living space where exposed wooden beams meet sumptuous, wine-colored walls. FG Studio has masterfully balanced rustic architecture with contemporary design. Modern furnishings like a sleek, midnight-blue armchair and geometric coffee tables complement the historical backdrop, providing a space that feels both grounded and graceful.

Serenity in the Washroom

Moving into the washroom, one finds a tranquil oasis. Here, the serene, sage-green walls harmonize with a traditional pedestal sink, suggesting a timeless elegance. Polished fixtures reflect the natural light pouring in from the window, which offers a view of Burgundy’s lush landscapes.

Culinary Charm in the Kitchen

The narrative flows into the heart of the home—the kitchen. Olive-toned cabinetry and terracotta tiles evoke the rustic spirit of the countryside. A modern island with a sleek countertop bridges the old with the new, while the inviting archway hints at the culinary delights to be crafted within this room.

Transitioning from the communal spaces, the bedroom provides a haven of relaxation. Here, the wooden accents and soft, linen bedding invite peaceful slumber. The carved, white mantelpiece adds a touch of refinement, blending harmoniously with the natural wood finishes.

House in Burgundy, a real estate treasure by FG Studio, offers a masterclass in balancing the rustic beauty of yesteryear with today’s design sensibilities. This narrative tour has walked you through a home that honors its historical roots while celebrating modern living.

Photography by François Guillemin

- by Matt Watts