House in Ourém by Filipe Saraiva – Arquitectos

House in Ourém is a minimalist private residence located in Ourém, Portugal, designed in 2016 by Filipe Saraiva – Arquitectos.

Striking geometric wooden structure set in a lush, landscaped garden with stepping stones.
A modern cabin with a striking angular wood-clad facade and large windows overlooking nature.
Striking modern architectural structure with wood slat facade, surrounded by landscaping.
Bright, airy living space with large triangular windows, wood paneled ceiling, and modern decor.
Modern open-plan interior with wooden beams, large windows, and sleek furniture.
Spacious living room with striking architectural features, including a triangular glass wall and wood-paneled ceiling.
Spacious modern kitchen with sleek wooden cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and a fireplace.
A modern, open-concept living space with a sleek kitchen, high ceilings, and wood accents.
An open-concept living space with striking wooden beams, large windows, and a cozy seating area.
Modern open-concept living room with exposed wooden beams, large windows, and sleek black entertainment center.
Open-concept living space with minimalist furniture, high ceilings, and a modern staircase.
Minimalist living room with wood panel accent wall, modern audio equipment, and pendant lighting.
Sleek, modern bathroom with freestanding tub, large windows, and minimalist decor.
Minimalist bathroom with sleek marble walls, wooden vanity, and panoramic window.
Spacious home office with large, triangular window offering scenic mountain views.
A modern, open-concept workspace with built-in bookshelves and large windows.
A geometric wooden frame opens to a serene outdoor scene with trees, buildings, and a paved patio.
A modern wooden structure with a striking patterned facade and an inviting interior lounge.
A modern, rustic interior with a wooden ceiling, large windows, and a wooden dining table.
Striking architectural design with geometric wooden exterior, large glass windows, and landscaping.

About House in Ourém

Welcome to Ourém: A Blend of Natural Beauty and Architectural Marvel

Nestled in Ourém, this house sits on a rectangular plot with a gentle southern slope. The land descends towards the public road, creating a height difference of roughly 4.50m (about 14.8 feet). Surrounded by farmland and the natural landscape, it boasts a southward view of the majestic Castle of Ourém.

A Universal Symbol of Home

Ask any child around the globe to draw a house, and they’ll sketch a simple structure: five lines, a rectangle, and two squares. This universal symbol, comprising walls, a roof, a door, and windows, transcends cultures and architectural norms. It embodies a shelter, a safe haven protecting us from the outside world. This concept resonates with us all, illustrating our inherent need for a place of security and comfort.

The Essence of Design: A Personal Journey

The project emerged as a personal sanctuary for me and my family, blending functional requirements with architectural desires rooted in our collective experiences. Following the land acquisition, the design process unfolded organically. Memories and aspirations breathed life into the plans, shaping a concept that remained true to its core throughout its evolution. A pergola, mirroring the house’s design, extends this principle, reinforcing the connection between structure and intention.

Harmony with the Environment: The Modular Approach

Adopting a modular composition, the project establishes a rhythm across facades and roofing. Prefabricated black concrete panels, chosen for their uniformity, dictate the project’s stereotomy. Arranged in a sequential pattern, these panels ensure a cohesive look while promoting harmony with the surrounding landscape and minimizing maintenance.

A Monolithic Vision

Ultimately, the house presents itself as a simple, regular volume that seems almost monolithic. It rests longitudinally along the land’s incline, midway above the street level. This strategic positioning not only maximizes the scenic views but also integrates the structure seamlessly into its natural setting, embodying a perfect blend of form, function, and environmental consciousness.

Photography by Joao Morgado

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- by Matt Watts