Apartment Portugal by GDL Arquitetura

Apartment Portugal is a fresh home located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, designed by GDL Arquitetura.

A modern, open-plan living space with built-in wooden shelving, leather sofas, and accent furnishings.
A modern, open-plan living area with warm wood tones, built-in shelving, and casual furnishings.
Sleek wooden shelving unit, woven chairs, and round coffee table in minimalist room.
Modern open-concept living space with wood paneling, large windows, and sleek furniture.
Warm, modern living space with wooden shelving, fireplace, and mid-century furniture.
Minimalist dining space with suspended lamps, wooden bench seating, and vertical garden wall.
Modern dining room with wooden table, chairs, and pendant lamps creating a warm, minimalist ambiance.
Elegant indoor dining area with verdant living wall and panoramic city views.
Wooden built-in shelves with various decor and a white desk with a lamp and globe.
Minimalist bathroom design with wooden vanity, double sinks, and large mirror.

About Apartment Portugal

Revolutionizing Urban Living: The São Paulo Project

In the bustling heart of São Paulo, a family sought to transform their apartment into an oasis of interconnected spaces. They envisioned a home where walls would dissolve, merging areas into a vast, cohesive realm bathed in sunlight.

Designing Fluidity and Light

To meet this challenge, we devised a plan to harness the apartment’s natural lighting, enhancing its spaciousness. By removing barriers, we crafted an expansive, free-flowing area that seamlessly integrates various parts of the home. This approach not only maximized light but also fostered a sense of unity throughout the space.

A Symphony of Style and Substance

We aimed to imbue the apartment with both warmth and grandeur. To achieve this, we carefully selected furniture that blends custom-designed pieces with both contemporary and vintage elements, striking a perfect balance. The ambiance radiates comfort and elegance, inviting residents and guests alike into a realm of timeless charm.

Harmony in Materials and Tones

Choosing the right materials was crucial for setting the intended mood. We opted for a palette of subdued, neutral colors. Wood coverings on internal surfaces bridge the spaces, creating a visual and tactile connection that unites the apartment into a singular entity. This thoughtful selection of materials and hues fosters a serene, cohesive atmosphere.

Illuminating Creativity

Our lighting scheme emphasizes indirect illumination, enriched by strategically placed fixtures on selected walls and ceilings. This nuanced approach to lighting not only highlights architectural details but also crafts an ambiance filled with warmth and depth. Each space within the apartment received equal attention, ensuring a consistent, inviting feel throughout. This careful planning aims to surprise, delight, and evoke emotions, transforming everyday living into an art form.

Photography by Maíra Acayaba

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- by Matt Watts