Palm 66 by Archiplexus Architecture and Design

Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Palm 66 is a luxury seafront residence designed in 2017 by Archiplexus Architecture and Design.

Sleek modern interior with expansive glass walls overlooking a lakeside view.
Spacious, modern interior with sleek furniture, lighting, and geometric patterns.
Stunning modern interior with sleek furniture, large windows, and a waterfront view.
A modern interior with a glass staircase, an aquarium, and a sculptural horse figurine.
Spacious vanity area with recessed lighting, mirrored walls, and plush seating.
Spacious bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, plush furnishings, and a waterfront view.
Sleek, minimalist bathroom design with suspended vanity, frameless mirror, and glass shower.
Luxurious lakefront villa with a stunning pool, deck, and vibrant sunset sky.

About Palm 66

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Dubai, Palm 66 emerges as a symbol of sumptuous living. Crafted in 2017 by the renowned Archiplexus Architecture and Design, this luxury home epitomizes modern elegance.

A Dazzling First Impression

As you approach Palm 66, the soft hues of dusk bathe its stately exterior, with a pool that mirrors the sky’s purple twilight. Sleek lines and expansive glass panels invite you into a world where design and nature coalesce.

Elegant Interiors: A Seamless Journey

Transitioning indoors, you’re welcomed by a living space bathed in sunlight. The fluid layout leads the gaze across pristine white tiles to the azure waters outside. The living room’s minimalist aesthetic is punctuated by bold orange accents, reflective of Dubai’s dynamic sunsets.

Adjacent lies the dining area, where an understated chandelier hangs above a table set for an intimate gathering. Through the looking glass, the same serene aquatic backdrop soothes diners. The aquarium, a living art piece, harmoniously connects the spaces.

The kitchen adjacent to the dining space is a modern chef’s dream, with sleek countertops and state-of-the-art appliances, ready for culinary adventures.

In the private quarters, the bedroom offers a tranquil retreat. Its large windows frame the picturesque waterfront, and the décor’s soft tones ensure restfulness. A retractable television at the foot of the bed promises modern comfort without disturbing the room’s serene ambiance.

Next, the bathroom’s crisp lines and reflective surfaces evoke a spa-like tranquility. It’s an exercise in understated luxury, complete with a walk-in shower and a floating vanity.

Completing the tour, the personal office space is a testament to functional elegance. With its panoramic views and sophisticated furnishings, it offers inspiration for any endeavor.

Palm 66 is more than a residence; it’s a canvas where life unfolds in its most refined form.

Photography by P. Braggs

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- by Matt Watts