Apartment in Stockholm by Stylingbolaget

Located in Stockholm, Sweden, Apartment in Stockholm is a beautiful Scandi-style home designed in 2017 by Stylingbolaget.

Spacious room with large windows, plush gray sofa, and modern furniture arrangement.
A cozy living room with large windows, a gray sofa, and a rustic wooden table.
Modern open-plan living area with kitchen, dining, and seating spaces featuring sleek furnishings.
Bright and airy open-plan living space with modern furnishings and large windows.
Minimalist kitchen and dining area with white chairs, wooden cabinets, and natural lighting.
Airy, modern kitchen with white furniture, wooden accents, and potted plants.
Sleek, modern kitchen with wood-paneled cabinets, floating shelves, and potted plants.
Cozy bedroom with large window, dark wood frames, and stylish quilt on the bed.
Minimalist bathroom design featuring a white sink, wooden vanity, and gray tile walls.

About Apartment in Stockholm

Nestled in the heart of Stockholm, the “Apartment in Stockholm” exemplifies the pinnacle of Scandinavian design. Crafted by Stylingbolaget in 2017, this apartment serves as a testament to minimalist elegance and functional comfort.

Refined Living: A Scandinavian Dream

Upon entry, one is welcomed into the living room, where expansive windows drench the space with light, highlighting the lush greenery and soft textiles. A dark-hued sofa provides a striking contrast, offering a cozy enclave in the bright room. Every corner is meticulously curated with art that speaks to the soul, creating a narrative that transcends mere decor.

Transitioning to the culinary space, the kitchen’s streamlined design captivates with wooden accents and uncluttered surfaces. Functionality marries style as open shelving showcases both everyday items and decorative pieces. It’s a space that encourages culinary exploration, framed by the same thoughtful aesthetics that define the entire apartment.

Serenity in Repose: The Bedrooms

The private quarters reveal a serene bedroom where tranquility reigns. Crisp linens and a rich, blue comforter invite a peaceful slumber. Again, large windows are a portal to the outside world, yet the calm within is undisturbed. Each element, from the plush pillows to the potted plants, is a brushstroke in this masterpiece of interior design.

A Study in Elegance: The Bathroom

In the bathroom, the narrative of simplicity continues. Here, clean lines dominate, from the floating vanity to the glass-enclosed shower. The interplay of textures and the continuity of muted tones underscore a design that’s as refreshing as it is functional.

In every room of the “Apartment in Stockholm,” there is a dialogue between space and light, form and function. Stylingbolaget’s creation is not just a living area but a harmonious symphony of design that encapsulates the essence of Scandinavian living.

Photography courtesy of Stylingbolaget

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- by Matt Watts