House Z by Closer Architects

House Z is a futuristic two-story residence located in Prague, Czech republic, designed by Closer Architects.

A modern, two-story residential building with a clean, minimalist exterior design featuring large glass windows and a cantilevered second floor.
Modern minimalist home design with sleek glass walls, clean lines, and a grassy yard.
Spacious open-concept living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, modern furniture, and minimalist design.
Minimalist living space with modern furniture, angled walls, and hardwood flooring.
Modern, minimalist interior with wood flooring, sleek white cabinetry, and recessed lighting.
Modern and minimalist interior with sleek lines, recessed lighting, and a large bathtub.
Minimalist staircase with sleek black and wood finishes, creating a modern, artistic space.
Modern bedroom with minimalist white bed frame, built-in closet, and vibrant abstract artwork.
Modern interior with minimalist design, featuring sleek white walls, a black built-in couch, and large windows overlooking an outdoor deck.
A modern bathroom with minimalist white vanity, glass shower partition, and sleek lighting.
A modern bathroom with a sleek white tub, minimalist fixtures, and a large window overlooking greenery.
Sleek, minimalist bathroom with recessed lighting, floating vanity, and seamless surfaces.

About House Z

Embark on a captivating journey through the seamless design of the “Apartment in Stockholm,” a masterpiece crafted by Stylingbolaget in 2017. This piece delves into the heart of Scandinavian design, situated in the vibrant city of Stockholm, Sweden. Revel in a narrative that transitions from the exterior’s embrace to the interior’s warm heart, all while adhering to the principles of clarity, engagement, and impeccable grammar.

An Architectural Prelude

As we approach the Apartment in Stockholm, the facade greets us with its minimalist elegance. Stylingbolaget has masterfully blended traditional Swedish architectural elements with modern aesthetics. The building, standing proudly in Stockholm, represents a fusion of history and contemporary design.

Stepping Inside: A Journey Begins

Crossing the threshold, we enter a realm where light and space converge. The living room, bathed in natural light, showcases the quintessential Scandinavian design style. Stylingbolaget has expertly used a neutral palette to enhance the sense of space, ensuring every piece of furniture not only serves a purpose but also adds to the visual harmony.

Next, the kitchen awaits, a marvel of functionality and style. Here, the designers have emphasized efficiency and aesthetics equally. Stainless steel appliances contrast beautifully with the white cabinetry, creating a space that’s both inviting and practical.

Transitioning smoothly, the dining area serves as a bridge between the kitchen and living spaces. It stands as a testament to the Scandinavian love for social dining settings. A simple yet elegant dining table centers the room, surrounded by chairs that epitomize minimalist design.

The bedroom, a sanctuary of tranquility, continues the theme of light and simplicity. Ample windows ensure a flow of natural light, complementing the soft textures and muted tones of the decor. This room is not just a place to rest but a retreat from the bustling city life outside.

Finally, the bathroom combines form with function in a compact space. Here, clean lines and light colors expand the perception of space, while modern fixtures add a touch of luxury.

Conclusion: A Harmonious Conclusion

The Apartment in Stockholm by Stylingbolaget is more than just a living space; it’s a celebration of Scandinavian design. Each room, meticulously designed in 2017, tells a story of balance, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Through this exploration, we’ve seen how the project embodies the essence of Stockholm’s architectural spirit, making it a beacon of modern interior design.

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- by Matt Watts