Apartment in St Petersburg by Maxim Rymar

Apartment in St Petersburg, Russia, is a contemporary home designed in 2014 by MAXIM RYMAR archistudio.

A cozy living room with a fireplace, sectional sofa, and built-in shelving showcasing decor.
Cozy living room with a stone fireplace, plush furniture, and layered decor.
Sophisticated open-plan living with sleek shelving, warm wood table, and modern lighting.
Modern dining room with wooden table, white pendant lamps, and dark cabinetry.
Sleek kitchen with wooden island, pendant lights, and contemporary furnishings.
A cozy living room with a wooden dining table, plush seating, and large pendant lamps.
A spacious dining room with a wooden table, plush chairs, and a pair of hanging lamps.
Cozy window nook with plush cushions, potted plants, and a standing lamp in a modern interior.
Cozy home office with dark wood furniture, shelves, and landscape artwork.
Spacious bedroom with modern gray tones, plush bedding, and a large window.
Elegant bathroom with sleek modern fixtures, recessed lighting, and textured stone walls.

About Apartment in St Petersburg

Nestled in the heart of St Petersburg, Russia, the “Apartment in St Petersburg” stands as a testament to the contemporary design prowess of Maxim Rymar. Designed in 2014, this modern abode marries functionality with elegance, an emblem of sophisticated city living.

Contemporary Elegance in St Petersburg

Upon entering, guests are greeted by a luxuriously appointed living room. Earthy tones and rich wooden accents create warmth, while the sleek lines of the furniture and the ambient glow from the fireplace echo the apartment’s modern ethos. The well-curated layout encourages relaxation and socialization, highlighted by a statement overhead lighting piece, reminiscent of a modernist sculpture.

Transitioning seamlessly, the adjoining dining area exemplifies minimalist chic. The striking simplicity of the dining table, paired with the organic form of the pendant lights, establishes a serene space for culinary enjoyment. High-quality materials and a restrained color palette resonate with the overarching design style of the apartment.

Sophistication in Slumber

The bedroom space offers a sanctuary for rest, where comfort meets style. A harmonious blend of plush textiles and tailored furnishings accentuates the room’s calm and collected ambiance. The strategic placement of lighting complements the natural light, crafting an inviting and restful retreat.

In the bathroom, functionality pairs with understated luxury. Clean lines dominate the space, from the walk-in shower to the modern fixtures, all framed by the natural beauty of stone tiles. It’s a space that exudes a spa-like tranquility, befitting of this city dwelling’s refined aesthetic.

A Nook of Nature

Concluding the tour, the study area reveals itself as a contemplative corner. It’s a dedicated zone for creativity and productivity, where one can work amidst the tranquility of houseplants and the comfort of modern design elements. This area completes the apartment’s narrative — a dwelling not just designed, but curated for a life well-lived.

This “Apartment in St Petersburg” by Maxim Rymar, set in the vibrant cityscape of St Petersburg, Russia, epitomizes contemporary apartment living — where every detail is a brushstroke in this masterpiece of interior design.

Photography by Sergey Ananev

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- by Matt Watts