Yarraville House by Perversi-Brooks Architects

Yarraville House is an inspiring home designed in 2015 by Perversi-Brooks Architects situated in Yarraville, Victoria, Australia.

Modern room featuring tiled accent wall, wooden bench, and statement lighting fixture.
A modern, minimalist living room with a built-in entertainment unit featuring dark cabinets, open shelves, and a mounted TV.
Modern entertainment center with built-in shelving, TV, and wood grain accents against gray walls.
Modern kitchen with sleek black cabinets, wood countertops, and stainless steel appliances.
Sleek, modern kitchen with clean lines, natural wood accents, and large window.
A modern hallway with white walls, wooden floors, and built-in cabinets showcasing décor.
Modern bathroom with contrasting blue and green tiles, sleek white vanity, and natural decor.
A modern bathroom with contrasting green and black tiles, a large tub, and a vanity sink.

About Yarraville House

Transforming a Classic Californian Bungalow

A couple, balancing life with two young kids, embarked on a journey to enhance their home’s functionality. He, a journalist, and she, a principle architect at a prominent commercial practice, sought not more space, but improved performance from their Californian Bungalow. Their vision included an open kitchen-dining area for homework sessions, increased storage, enhanced lighting and insulation, repaired walls and ceilings, a bathroom upgrade, and a new ensuite for the master bedroom.

A Homely Renovation in Yarraville

This project, devoid of architectural grandeur, aimed for a sincere renovation allowing the family to remain in Yarraville, amidst their community and close to local amenities and the boys’ school.

A Color Palette Inspired by Nature

Despite the architect’s reservations about blue and green, the clients’ preference steered the design direction. A mundane morning brought inspiration from the default Windows screen: a vibrant landscape of green hills and a blue sky. This imagery sparked an idea to incorporate the fresh, lively colors into the home’s interior, mirroring the contrast against Melbourne’s grey-brown suburbs.

An Artistic Interpretation of Space

The renovation creatively abstracted the landscape into horizontal bands, representing the various functional heights in the kitchen and bathrooms. Colored tiles and timber tones in the joinery bridged the home’s new features with its classic bungalow essence, adorned with rich timber panelling.

Sustainable and Aesthetic Upgrades

To conclude, the house underwent a comprehensive repaint and replacement of old weatherboards. The team demolished the cracking lath and plaster for plasterboard, simplifying maintenance. With added insulation, the house not only achieved a superior thermal and acoustic profile but also fulfilled the clients’ desire for a blue, green, and timber-themed haven.

Photography by Ben Hosking

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- by Matt Watts