House in Zurich by Meier Architekten

Designed in 2016 by Meier Architekten, House in Zurich is a contemporary single family dwelling located in Switzerland.

Sleek, modern architectural design with expansive glass walls, angled roofs, and a cozy outdoor patio.
Spacious open-concept living room with a modern bookshelf, hardwood floors, and sliding glass doors leading to a deck with a natural landscape view.
A modern, open-concept living space with panoramic windows overlooking lush greenery.
Sleek, minimalist kitchen with expansive window, hardwood floors, and built-in appliances.
Elegant modern wooden staircase with sleek glass railing and recessed lighting.
A spacious and modern bedroom with large windows overlooking lush greenery.
Modern bathroom with oversized window overlooking lush greenery, minimalist design.
Expansive outdoor patio with lounge furniture, lush greenery, and overhead shade structure.
Contemporary glass-walled home with a spacious patio overlooking a lush garden and lake.

About House in Zurich

Embark on a unique journey through the architectural marvel nestled in Pfannenstiel. This captivating story begins in a village center, where the road unfolds towards the serene highlands, introducing a stunning family dwelling that stands out, yet harmoniously blends with its 60s residential surroundings. Its unexpected black facade, rather than eccentric, offers a dematerializing effect, a concept eloquently explained by the renowned architect Egon Meier.

Collaborative Genius: The Birth of an Architectural Marvel

The visionary North Italian architect Kathrin Gruber initially conceived the villa. Seeking a partnership that resonated on the same wavelength, Gruber and Meier’s shared philosophy and aspirations laid the foundation for this project. Their collaboration aimed not merely at architectural achievement but at creating spaces that anchor stability and evoke the essence of home.

Egon Meier, with his extensive experience and keen eye for detail, transformed the original design to comply with building regulations, infusing it with creative revisions. He masterfully replaced the pent roof with a flat one and introduced a structured facade that added depth and character to the building.

A Symphony of Spaces: Inside the Architectural Marvel

The villa unfolds over three levels, each serving a unique purpose. The garden level, a haven for the teenagers, contrasts with the main living area’s open-plan design, where kitchen, dining, and living spaces converge. The private quarters and a guest area crown the top level, emphasizing privacy and tranquility.

Intricate details, such as the steel-fronted wall, embody the architects’ meticulous attention to detail. The choice of materials, from steel to Corian and oak parquet, reflects a commitment to elegance and harmony, seamlessly blending the interior with the villa’s striking black shell.

The Heart of the Home: A Fusion of Functionality and Aesthetics

Central to the home’s design is the kitchen, where functionality meets finesse. Its L-shaped layout and room-high cabinets, all swathed in white, complement the soft elegance of the Corian work surfaces. This space, paired with the inviting corner window seat, becomes a sanctuary for morning rituals, offering breathtaking views of the lake and mountains.

A Nod to Italian Craftsmanship

The homeowners, deeply involved in both the construction and interior design, chose a tasteful mix of furniture, predominantly from Italian designers. This choice underlines a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, a sentiment echoed by Meier, who admires the exceptional skill of craftsmen from South Tyrol. Their work not only enriches the villa’s interior but also reinforces the bond between design and craftsmanship.

An Oasis of Modernity and Tradition

The exterior spaces, from the pergola with its adjustable roof lamellars to the wood planking contrasting the dark facade, create a serene retreat. This modern oasis, coupled with paths that weave through gardens to the street, encapsulates the essence of idyllic residential living.

This architectural journey, from conception to realization, showcases the power of collaboration, attention to detail, and the pursuit of creating spaces that resonate with the soul. A modern yet timeless villa that stands as a testament to the harmony between architecture and interior design, setting a new standard for residential living.

Photography courtesy of Meier Architekten

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- by Matt Watts