Residence in Broadbeach by Donna Guyler Design

Residence in Broadbeach is a beautiful beach-style home located in Broadbeach, Australia, designed in 2017 by Donna Guyler Design.

Contemporary living room with neutral tones and pendant lighting.
Bright living room with a beige sofa, wooden coffee table, and patterned accents
Minimalist living room with TV and woven floor cushions.
Minimalist living space with fireplace, sleek chair, and wooden accents.
Modern living room with staircase leading to a kitchen area.
Modern kitchen with bar stools and pendant lights.
Bright dining room with modern table, chairs and ocean view.
Bright dining room with modern furniture and decorative accents.
Minimalist bathroom with wooden vanity and patterned floor tiles.
Modern bathroom with a free-standing tub, glass shower, and wooden vanity.
Modern bathroom with white basin, marble wall, and wooden cabinets.
Modern shower with herringbone tiles and black fixtures.
Minimalist white bathroom wall with herringbone tiles, niche shelf, and wooden
Balcony with ocean view, surfboard, and bar seating.

About Residence in Broadbeach

Nestled along the serene lakes of Broadbeach, Australia, the 2017 ‘Residence in Broadbeach’ is a masterclass in beach-style living, seamlessly blending the tranquility of nature with modern comforts. Conceived by the talented Donna Guyler Design, this project exhibits a brilliant cohesion of form and function.

Embracing the Horizon

The residence greets visitors with its awe-inspiring exterior, a serene invitation to the laid-back beach lifestyle. A crisp, blue pool mirrors the sky, bordered by a lush green lawn that whispers relaxation. Here, the seamless transition from the bright outdoors to the home’s warm embrace is evident, as natural light bathes every corner, beckoning one inside.

A Welcome of Warmth and Light

Inside, the living room, wrapped in a palette of neutrals, offers an organic extension of the sandy shores beyond its walls. Textures play a key role, from the plush carpet underfoot to the woven coffee table centerpiece, establishing a tactile narrative. Comfort is paramount, with plush sofas inviting guests to sit back and soak in the serenity.

Progressing into the heart of the home, the dining area continues the dialogue of light and space. Flanked by floor-to-ceiling windows, the wooden table stands as a communal anchor, while minimalist lighting hovers like clouds above, keeping the ambiance light and airy.

The kitchen, a study in contrasts, fuses dark cabinetry with light wood shelves, achieving a balance that’s both striking and functional. Open shelving displays everyday wares as art, while clean lines preserve the uncluttered ethos of beachside living.

Intimate Corners and Restful Retreats

Privacy finds its place in the bathroom, where sleek fixtures and marbled walls create a sanctuary. Here, the bold, freestanding bathtub invites leisurely soaks, juxtaposed against the streamlined glass shower, a nod to modernity amidst tranquility.

The master bedroom is a haven, with textures whispering luxury and a four-poster bed grounding the space. The interplay of soft linens and the room’s natural palette echoes the harmony found throughout the residence.

In every space, from the playful yet practical children’s corner to the personalized office nook, Residence in Broadbeach exudes a sense of belonging. Donna Guyler’s signature style ensures each room serves its purpose with elegance and ease, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of beauty and functionality.

Residence in Broadbeach stands as a testament to Donna Guyler Design’s vision: a home not just close to nature, but in dialogue with it, promising a living experience that’s as refreshing as the ocean breeze that whispers through its open windows.

Photography by The Design Villa

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- by Matt Watts