Indigo Lane by Stark Architecture

Located in Whistler, Canada, Indigo Lane is a modern two-story house designed in 2017 by Stark Architecture.

Bright, airy dining and kitchen space with high ceilings and sleek design.
Modern kitchen with white cabinets, bar stools, pendant lights, and a mountain view
Sleek white kitchen with pendant lights and bar stools.
Modern dining room with a wooden table, black chairs, and large windows overlooking snowy
Minimalist white staircase with floating wooden steps.
Modern home interior with large windows overlooking snowy landscape.
Bright, modern living room with gray couch and minimal decor.
Contemporary bedroom with minimalist white nightstand and marble bathroom.
Elegant bathroom with a freestanding tub, marble floor, and a window
Modern house with lit windows at dusk on a stone foundation.

About Indigo Lane

Innovative Design Meets Natural Constraints

Architecture thrives under constraint, sparking unparalleled creativity. Observing from Sharryn and Tobias’ home, the site presents itself with a dramatic challenge. A steep descent greets visitors, plummeting nearly 25 feet (7.62 meters) from the roadside to a level area, embraced by retaining walls. South-West vistas stretch towards Whistler, offering breathtaking views over the Rainbow development.

A Structural Marvel

Efficiency and innovation led us to transform the building itself into a formidable retaining wall. This not only conserves the landscape but ingeniously counters the site’s sheer drop. Internally, the building cascades down three distinct levels. The main floor boasts a blend of lofty double-height areas and more intimate single-height spaces, bathed in natural light and connected by graceful bridges.

Serenity Below

Seeking tranquility, we nestled the bedrooms on the serene lower floor. Here, cool summer breezes and effective winter insulation promise year-round comfort. This thoughtful layout also carves out a surprising addition for the family—a backyard. This outdoor space, unexpected on such a steep plot, offers a slice of nature and play for the young family.

Beyond Expectations

The project deftly balances the site’s initial challenges with smart, sustainable solutions. Through inventive design, it not only addresses the physical constraints but also enhances the living experience. The result is a home that stands as a testament to the power of architecture to overcome and capitalize on the most daunting of landscapes.

Photography by Krista Jahnke

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- by Matt Watts