Beacon Factory Loft by Grisoro Designs

Located in Beacon, New York, Beacon Factory Loft is an industrial apartment designed by Grisoro Designs.

Chic living space with exposed brick walls, a plush blue sofa, and contemporary
Chic living room with exposed brick walls and contemporary furniture.
Modern dining room with exposed brick walls, long table, blue chairs, and unique
Modern dining room with a long wooden table, black chairs, and exposed brick walls
Contemporary kitchen with exposed brick wall and wooden dining table.
Urban chic living room with exposed brick walls and starburst chandelier.
Chic living space with spiral staircase and eclectic decor.
Modern bedroom with gray walls, a large bed, two lamps, and hanging pendant
Elegant bedroom with a canopy bed, patterned textiles, and a chandelier

About Beacon Factory Loft

Reviving Industrial Grace: The Beacon Factory Loft

Nestled in the artistic heart of Beacon, New York, the Beacon Factory Loft stands as a testament to industrial elegance. Designed by Grisoro Designs, this loft apartment breathes new life into a bygone era, showcasing a design style that harmoniously blends raw textures with modern comfort. Originally conceptualized in the vibrant fabric of Beacon’s renaissance, this space tells a story of transformation and vision.

Entering the Beacon Factory Loft is a revelation of space and light. The living room—a tableau of industrial chic—immediately draws the eye to the exposed brick walls. These textured surfaces, a narrative of the building’s past, contrast with the sleek lines of the modern furniture. The tufted blue sofa anchors the room, inviting conversation and relaxation amidst the heritage of this architectural marvel.

A Palette of Comfort: Bedrooms in the Loft

Moving through the logical sequence of the loft, the bedrooms speak a softer language. The first bedroom encapsulates tranquility with its monochromatic tones, the bedding’s patterns whispering of sophistication and simplicity. The room’s design subtly nods to minimalism, proving that in restraint there is beauty.

In another bedroom, the mood shifts slightly, offering a warmer embrace. Here, the bed itself becomes a centerpiece, framed by a bold four-poster statement. The adjacent artwork and dark-toned furniture complement the room’s purpose—a sanctuary for rest.

Culinary Creation and Recreation

Functionality and form find their apex in the kitchen, where open shelving and state-of-the-art appliances speak of culinary adventures to come. The integration of wood with stainless steel surfaces captures the loft’s spirit—where history meets the height of modern living.

Adjacent to this culinary canvas, the dining area stands ready to host intimate dinners and vibrant gatherings alike. Under the warm glow of bespoke lighting, each meal here is an experience in itself, surrounded by the allure of exposed brick and contemporary art.

The Beacon Factory Loft is not just a living space but a celebration of Beacon’s artistic renaissance, masterfully curated by Grisoro Designs. It is a reminder that within walls steeped in history, there is always room for new stories to unfold.

Photography by Gross & Daley

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- by Matt Watts