Back in Black by 23bassi

Back in Black is a spacious contemporary apartment located in Milan, Italy, was designed in 2017 by 23bassi.

Modern living room with sectional sofa and wall-mounted TV.
Modern living room with fireplace and art on walls.
Modern living room with artworks on walls, stylish furniture, and decorative cushions.
Contemporary kitchen with white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and pendant lighting.
Modern dining room with pendant lights, artwork, and a partition leading to the kitchen
Modern living room with a gray sofa, art on the wall, and a small
Modern room interior with plaid sofa, pendant lights, desk, and wall clock
Contemporary child's bedroom with purple accent wall, modular storage, and playful decor
Contemporary bedroom with a large gray bed and contrasting yellow pillows.
Modern walk-in closet with red high heels on a bench.
Modern bathroom with dark wood walls, a large mirror, and white accents.
Modern bathroom with black mosaic tiles and glass shower door.

About Back in Black

Elegant Simplicity: The Back in Black Project

Nestled in the cosmopolitan heart of Milan, Italy, the “Back in Black” apartment emerges as a testament to contemporary design. Crafted by the visionary designer 23bassi in 2017, this residential space mirrors the cutting-edge milieu of its locale.

Upon entry, visitors encounter a living room where sophistication and comfort converge. A deep green velvet sofa anchors the space, while streamlined dark features and strategically placed art offer a gallery-like ambiance. This room epitomizes the apartment’s overarching contemporary style.

A Study in Contrast: The Bathrooms

Transitioning to the private quarters, the master bathroom presents a monochromatic mosaic, with a walk-in shower accentuating the room’s sleek geometry. In juxtaposition, a second bathroom surprises with vivid greenery and cerulean accents, providing a refreshing respite.

Intimate Elegance: The Bedrooms

The master bedroom, a sanctuary of understated luxury, showcases an expansive upholstered bed, with dark hues inviting a serene night’s rest. Meanwhile, a child’s room dances with color, its playful tones and whimsical accessories crafting an imaginative haven for younger residents.

Each room, a distinct chapter, collectively narrates a tale of Milanese chic, inviting dwellers and visitors alike into the contemporary embrace of the Back in Black apartment.

Photography by Marco Curatolo

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- by Matt Watts