Apartment in Tel Aviv by Aviram Kushmirski

Located in Tel Aviv, Israel, this modern industrial apartment was designed in 2017 by Aviram Kushmirski.

Description by Aviram Kushmirski

Planning: The space is divided up to provide maximum openness inside and in terms of its connections with the outside. The different living areas in the public space and their functionalities are clearly defined, with complete separation from the private areas.

Configuration: Linear geometric in the modularizations, the materials and the different ways they are presented, based on careful consideration and their emphasis using light and shade.

Materials: Only natural materials emphasizing the strengths of the natural materials used.

Composition: The integration of a number of elements with presence in the space, designed with specific emphasis on precise, clean form, creating a synergetic, harmonious composition.

Concept: The design concept is based on the reciprocal relationship between chic and casual. It is stylish, but not formal; sophisticated but not feigned; intelligent but not pretentious; creative, innovative and free of time dependent fashion.

Photography courtesy of Oshri Aviram

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- by Matt Watts

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