Apartment in Milan by Architetto

Apartment in Milan designed in 2016 by Architetto, is a stylish apartment located in Italy.

Contemporary room with red chairs, glass table, and city view.
Minimalistic dining room with white chairs and a sleek table, accented by a
Contemporary dining room with arched floor lamp and gallery wall.
Modern kitchen interior with a red accent light fixture and set dining table.
Cozy interior with framed wall art, a yellow sofa, a wicker chair
Modern bathroom with herringbone tiles, freestanding tub, and white window
Modern bathroom with textured walls, round mirror, and white sink.
Modern bathroom with geometric tile patterns and natural light.
Contemporary bathroom with dual sinks and large mirror.

Apartment in Milan

Stepping into the Apartment in Milan, one is immediately struck by the balance of natural light and contemporary design. Nestled in the bustling heart of Milan, Italy, this apartment serves as a testament to modern living within the storied Italian landscape. Designed to enthrall, the following walkthrough of this residence captures its essence, detail by detail.

Contemporary Living: A Milanese Retreat

Upon entering, the living room welcomes with its expansive windows framing the Milanese skyline. Red leather chairs offer a bold contrast to the serene backdrop, while a vintage typewriter on a glass coffee table nods to Italian design heritage. The room, part of a contemporary real estate piece conceptualized recently, is a perfect blend of form and function.

Transitioning into the dining area, functionality melds with artistic expression. The red accents continue here, subtly referencing the living room’s vibrant chairs. A long, white marble countertop juxtaposed with sleek cabinetry showcases the apartment’s date of design—contemporary with a hint of classic Milanese style.

Modern Elegance: The Heart of Home

The kitchen space is a culinary artist’s dream. Outfitted with state-of-the-art appliances and bathed in natural light, it’s here where design and utility are in perfect harmony. A red faucet adds a dash of color, proving that in Milan, even the smallest details are a cause for innovation.

As we explore further, the master bathroom reveals a marriage of textures. Herringbone tiles wrap the room in a geometric embrace, while sleek fixtures reflect the apartment’s modern aesthetic. Here, design authorship is clear; the use of space and light is deliberate, each choice speaking to a broader narrative of Milanese elegance.

Refined Rest: A Study in Sophistication

In the bedroom, tranquility reigns. The monochromatic scheme is a canvas for rest, punctuated by bold geometric patterns on the floor, adding depth and intrigue. The bedroom epitomizes the contemporary real estate type it occupies, with thoughtful design that prioritizes comfort and style in equal measure.

Each room within the apartment is a chapter in a larger story of contemporary Milanese life. It’s a story of design that speaks both to Milan’s historic roots and its forward-looking dynamism. This apartment is not just a space—it’s a living, breathing piece of Italy’s design capital.

Photography courtesy of Architetto

- by Matt Watts