House Gavà by Meritxell Ribé – The Room Studio

Located in Barcelona, Spain, House Gavà is an inspiring single family home was designed by Meritxell Ribé – The Room Studio.

Contemporary living room with patterned rug and garden view.
Contemporary living room with eclectic furniture and patterned rug
Chic interior with dog painting, woven chairs, and patterned rug.
Modern dining area with patterned rug, black chairs, and pendant lights.
Brightly lit eclectic living room with patterned rug and colorful artwork.
Contemporary kitchen with a colorful fish art piece and wicker bar stools.
Modern living room with colorful sofa, patterned rug, and natural lighting.
Compact, bright bedroom with loft bed, desk, and colorful number banners.
Compact children's room with bunk beds, playful decorations, and a ladder.
Bedroom with marine-themed wall mural above the bed.
Cozy balcony with seating, plants, and a view of a pool.
Outdoor patio with wooden table and chairs, patterned rug, surrounded by greenery
Cozy outdoor deck with hammock, wooden walls, and greenery.

About House Gavà

Nestled on the sun-kissed shores of Barcelona, Spain, House Gavà emerges as a beacon of beach-inspired design. Fashioned by the adept hands of Meritxell Ribé – The Room Studio, this house stands as a testament to modern living that dances with natural elements. Our journey through this embodiment of architectural poetry begins with a facade that whispers tales of the sea and leisure.

The Allure of Beachfront Living

Stepping inside, the living room welcomes with a balanced symphony of wood and wicker, set against a geometric rug that mirrors the vibrant outdoors. Large windows usher in Barcelona’s radiant light, blurring the lines between the lush exterior and the serene interior. This is the art of coastal living—breathable, bright, and effortlessly tranquil.

A Tranquil Repose

Transitioning to the bedroom, the narrative shifts to the ocean’s depths with a wall-spanning mural of marine life. The room’s muted textiles contrast with the wood grains, grounding the space in earthy tranquility, perfect for unwinding after sun-soaked days.

Creative Corners

The child’s study room reveals a clever use of space; numbers running playfully along a banner ignite a spirit of learning. A cozy nook with a plush mattress by the window carves out a corner for dreams amidst treetop views.

Continuing our visual stroll, we ascend to the terrace—a homage to Gavà’s breezy evenings. Here, the swing chair and plush cushions invite intimate conversations under the open sky. The dining area, with its crisp lines and wooden tones, continues the dialogue of indoor-outdoor living.

In the kitchen, functionality meets whimsy. Pops of color from vibrant fish on the backsplash bring an unexpected playfulness to the culinary arena. It’s a space that beckons the joy of shared meals and the simple pleasures of seaside gastronomy.

Drawing our tour to a close, we return to a living room that seamlessly stitches together the tapestry of House Gavà. This chamber serves not just as a place of gathering but as a gallery displaying the narrative of the house—each element, a word; every room, a chapter in this coastal haven designed in 2023.

Immersed in Meritxell Ribé’s vision, House Gavà stands not only as a home but as a celebration of beachfront elegance. Each room whispers its own seaside story, inviting occupants and guests alike to write their own verses within its walls.

Photography courtesy of Meritxell Ribé – The Room Studio

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- by Matt Watts