Newport Beach Home by Christiano Homes

Located in Dover Shores, Newport Beach, Newport Beach Home is an inspiring single family house designed in 2015 by Christiano Homes.

Bright, open-plan living room with white beams, modern furniture, and a kitchen
Open concept living room and kitchen with modern furniture and wooden floors.
Open-concept living space with kitchen, dining area, and lounge with fireplace.
Modern kitchen interior with dark cabinets and central island.
Modern kitchen with white cabinets, dark blue island, and gold accents.
Elegant dining room with chandelier, white built-in shelves, and black cabin
Modern living room with sofa, wall art, and sliding door to patio.
Elegant bathroom with double vanity and view into bedroom.
Contemporary bedroom with vaulted ceiling and hardwood floors.
Contemporary bathroom with wooden vanity, dual sinks, brass fixtures, and hexagonal
Minimalist shower with white subway tiles and dark floor.
Contemporary backyard with outdoor kitchen, dining area, and string lights.
Modern single-story house with landscaped front yard.
Contemporary house front with stylish porch and orange chairs.
Contemporary suburban home at dusk with landscaped garden.

About Newport Beach Home

Welcome to the tranquil grandeur of the Newport Beach Home, a beach house masterpiece designed by Christiano Homes. Nestled in the heart of Dover Shores, this property is a testament to luxurious beachside living.

Exterior Elegance

As the sun dips below the horizon, the home’s façade glows with an inviting warmth, its clean lines and muted tones echoing the laid-back elegance of Newport Beach. Designed in 2015, this residence captures the essence of coastal sophistication.

Stepping into the backyard, the seamless transition from indoors to out crafts an entertainer’s paradise. The pool, a cool blue mirror under the sky, offers refreshing dips, while the outdoor living spaces promise lingering evenings by the fire pit, under a canopy of stars.

A Journey Through Style

The living room greets you with its high-beamed ceilings and expansive windows, bringing the coastal California sunshine indoors. A carefully selected palette of dark blues and sandy hues, accented with eclectic textures, sets the stage for relaxed gatherings.

The heart of the home, the kitchen, balances functionality with flair. Here, the designer’s touch shines through open shelving adorned with curated décor and a spacious island that invites social cooking experiences.

Transitioning to the private quarters, each room tells its own story, blending comfort with a subtle nod to the seaside locale. The bedroom’s expansive windows and direct access to outdoor serenity are havens of peace, while the meticulously designed bathrooms marry form and function with sleek fixtures and classic tilework.

Refined Details

Every corner of the Newport Beach Home whispers quality and attention to detail. From the striking light fixtures to the woven textures of the window treatments, Christiano Homes has crafted a space that is both a retreat and a statement of design excellence.

This residence is more than just a beach house; it’s a lifestyle, a perfect blend of modern luxury and the timeless charm of Newport Beach living.

Photography by Tim Krueger

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- by Matt Watts