Villa Bunkherr by Philipparchitekten

Situated in Germany, Villa Bunkherr is a contemporary two-story house designed in 2013 by Philipparchitekten.

Contemporary living room with dark sectional sofa and fireplace.
Modern living room with white walls, sheer curtains, and dark furniture.
Modern office room with art on walls, wooden desk, chair, and sleek decor
Minimalist interior with white walls, wooden floor, and natural light.
Contemporary bedroom with textured walls, plush bedding, and a wall-mounted TV.
Minimalist white kitchen with sleek cabinets and natural light.
Contemporary concrete staircase leading to a minimalist building under a clear blue sky.
Contemporary two-story home with flat roofs and a landscaped garden.
Modern white house with illuminated windows at dusk.

About Villa Bunkherr

Navigating Challenges: The Birth of Bunkherr

The journey of Project Bunkherr began with a significant hurdle. Nestled in a scenic former holiday home neighborhood in Hesse, Germany, the attractive hillside property posed a unique challenge. However, through unwavering dedication and persistent effort, the team overcame these obstacles. Ultimately, their relentless pursuit secured the much-coveted construction permit, marking the project’s first victory.

A Design Inspired by Nature

Inspiration struck in the form of a human back, shaping the property into two distinct zones. The public hillside area welcomes with its entrance, garage, and a vast courtyard, reminiscent of a plaza. This space, designed for gathering, even accommodates the client’s horse. Meanwhile, the private valley side offers breathtaking nature views, ensuring solitude and peace.

Architectural Symphony in Two Movements

The essence of Bunkherr lies in its architectural harmony, featuring two blocks intersecting at a right angle. The upper floor, a marvel in engineering, extends over the valley like a watchful guardian. Here, the parents’ sanctuary resides, offering solitude and panoramic vistas. The ground floor unfolds into an open-plan living area, its vast glass walls inviting the outside in.

A Canvas for Creativity

Central to the design was the vision to showcase the client’s artistic flair. The interior becomes a gallery, with sculptures and paintings lending a personal touch to the home’s modern elegance. A minimalist palette of materials, including white screed for both floors and furniture, and bespoke wooden boards, frames this artistic haven.

Material Mastery: A Stylish Backdrop

The choice of materials speaks to a refined aesthetic. White screed, extending its grace from the floor to the furniture, and custom-designed wooden boards set a sophisticated stage for artistic expression. This careful selection underscores the home’s timeless style, blending effortlessly with the client’s artistic contributions.

Photography courtesy of Philipparchitekten

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- by Matt Watts