Old Town Apartment by Oooox

Old Town Apartment is a beautiful contemporary apartment located in Prague, Czech Republic, designed in 2017 by Oooox.

Monochrome living space with striking staircase and bookshelf wall.
Modern living room with mezzanine, black staircase, and elegant chandelier.
Monochrome living room with floating staircase and full-wall bookshelf.
Monochrome living space with exposed concrete ceiling and floating staircase.
Modern living room with concrete ceiling, large chandelier, and black staircase.
Modern kitchen with white cabinets, marble island, and pendant lights.
Minimalist bedroom with concrete walls and chic pendant lights.
Contemporary bathroom with marble walls, double vanity, and glass shower.
Modern bathroom with black walls, white marble accents, and dual sinks.

About Old Town Apartment

Stepping into the heart of Prague, the Old Town Apartment stands as a testament to contemporary design merged with historical charm. Designed in 2017 by the innovative team at Oooox, this apartment in the Czech Republic capital blurs the lines between modern artistry and traditional comforts.

Architectural Symphony in Space

Upon entry, the Old Town Apartment greets visitors with a bold geometric staircase, a striking contrast against the classical white walls. Black bookshelves, brimming with literature, anchor the living area, while a minimalist approach maximizes space, light, and fluidity.

Refined Relaxation

Moving through to the living room, a monochromatic palette reigns supreme, where sleek furniture choices echo the clean lines of the architecture. Comfort meets style here, with plush seating offering a vantage point to the city’s heartbeat through expansive windows.

Culinary Chic

The kitchen, a marvel of white marble and black accents, offers state-of-the-art appliances. It’s designed for both the casual cook and the culinary artist, with ample room for dining and socializing under the sculptural lighting installation.

Transitioning to the private quarters, the bedroom’s understated elegance provides a tranquil retreat. Here, soft textiles and strategic lighting create a haven for rest, reflecting the apartment’s overarching theme of serene sophistication.

In the bathrooms, functionality meets luxury. Marble and matte black fixtures present a clean, modern look, complete with high-end fittings. The space is a showcase of design efficiency, balancing aesthetics with the demands of daily rituals.

Completing the journey, the seamless integration of art and design culminates in a living space that’s both a personal sanctuary and a canvas for the urban dweller’s lifestyle. The Old Town Apartment, designed by Oooox and nestled in Prague, is a paragon of modern living that pays homage to its historic locale.

Photography by Kiva Photo

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- by Matt Watts