Lakeview House by Tommaso Giunchi

Lakeview House is a contemporary home situated close to a lake near Lecco, Italy, designed in 2017 by Tommaso Giunchi.

Contemporary living room with plush seating, bookshelf, and dark flooring.
Modern dining room with bookshelves, round table, and chairs.
Modern dining room with a round table, white chairs, and a wall bookshelf
Modern dining room with table, chairs, and adjacent kitchen area.
Cozy attic bedroom with white beams, wooden floor, and plush bedding.
Minimalist bedroom with a wooden bed, guitar, and white bedding, under a

About Lakeview House

Embark on a journey through Lakeview House, a contemporary testament to modern living nestled in Lecco, Italy. Conceived by the visionary Tommaso Giunchi in 2017, this residence marries the tranquility of its lakeside setting with a sophisticated interior.

A Harmonious Welcome

Upon entering, one is greeted by the harmonious living room, where comfort meets chic. A sprawling, taupe sectional sofa invites relaxation, while the strategic placement of abstract art and verdant plants injects life into the space. The adjacent dining area, featuring a sleek table and minimalist chairs, promises convivial gatherings under the glow of a modern pendant light.

Intimate Repose

Transitioning to the private quarters, the master bedroom’s warmth is palpable with its rich wooden finishes and crisp linens. A carefully positioned guitar hints at the owner’s creative soul. Natural light filters through the skylights, dancing across surfaces and enhancing the room’s intimate ambiance.

Elegance at the Apex

The apex of the house reveals another bedroom, a serene sanctuary defined by its pitched ceiling and minimalist décor. Here, simplicity reigns, allowing the architecture itself to whisper tales of calm and elegance.

Concluding our tour, the dining room embodies the essence of Lakeview House. It’s a space where design and functionality are in constant dialogue, evidenced by the robust wooden sideboard and the transparent dining table surrounded by innovative silhouettes of chairs.

Each room of Lakeview House is a chapter in a story of refined taste and serene living, a narrative skillfully woven by Tommaso Giunchi. The Lakeview House stands not just as a structure, but as a beacon of contemporary design, harmoniously integrated into the Italian landscape.

Photography courtesy of Tommaso Giunchi

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- by Matt Watts