Brick House by Alexander Martin Architects

This beautiful brick house located in London, United Kingdom, was designed in 2015 by Alexander Martin Architects.

Description by Alexander Martin Architects

The owners of this beautiful Victorian house wanted a three storey addition to the side of their home, in order to provide a kitchen and dining space with a greater connection to the main living areas on the ground floor of the existing property and the garden, with a master suite on the upper floors.

Within the original layout there were issues with space efficiency and connectivity to an existing extension, which sat incoherently against the main house limiting the effectiveness of the home as a whole. The design emerged from these issues and AMA were able to create a resolution that enabled the family to enjoy their home in the way that they desired.

The ground floor of the addition holds an open kitchen and dining space which connects directly to the main property and garden, creating a light-filled, free-flowing family space with easy access to the quieter areas. The upper floors contain a self contained master suite, with an open plan dressing area and bathroom connected to a top floor bedroom by a cantilevered oak stair. The master bedroom has direct access to a roof terrace, allowing peace and privacy as well as a strong sense of connectivity between the addition and the existing property.

Photography by Peter Cook

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- by Matt Watts