East Village Apartment by CM Natural Designs

Located in East Village, New York City, East Village Apartment is a beautiful home designed in 2017 by CM Natural Designs.

Modern living room with chic decor and large circular chandelier.
Modern dining room with blue built-in shelves, a wooden table, velvet chairs,
Modern kitchenette with bar stools, blue walls, and art decor.
Modern kitchen with white island, bar stools, and pendant lighting.
Elegant room with blue wainscoting, hanging chair, and teal accent
Eclectic entryway with botanical wallpaper, large cactus, and mid-century console
Eclectic bathroom with bold botanical wallpaper and marble vanity.
Elegant bathroom with dark wood vanity, marble floor, and traditional rug.
Elegant bathroom with a white freestanding tub, gold fixtures, and a
Elegant bathroom with a freestanding tub and a large moss art piece above

About East Village Apartment

Embark on an excursion through the East Village Apartment, a bespoke urban retreat designed by CM Natural Designs. Situated in the vibrant East Village of New York City, this eclectic apartment not only reflects the energetic lifestyle of its hip professional residents but also narrates their global adventures.

Welcome to the Eclectic Urban Oasis

The journey begins in the living room, where a symphony of color meets comfort. A circular chandelier presides over the space, casting a warm glow on the exposed concrete and rich wood floors. Vivid blue armchairs and a plush rose chair invite conversation, surrounded by treasures from the client’s travels. Designed in 2017, the room embodies a spirit of bespoke craftsmanship and worldliness.

Transitioning to the culinary heart, the kitchen area marries function with aesthetic flair. Brass pendant lights illuminate a sleek countertop, where one can imagine the clinking of wine glasses and laughter. Teal cabinetry pops against the white backsplash, housing both practical cookware and eclectic keepsakes.

A Personalized Sanctuary

The personal quarters continue the narrative of global exploration. In the bedroom, opulent purple drapes frame a stately bed, adorned with pillows that echo the apartment’s color story. The adjoining shelves display a curated collection of memories, each with a story to tell, inviting the onlooker to a silent dialogue with the past.

Each bathroom offers a unique vignette of luxury and personality. One features a lush green wall, bringing the vitality of nature indoors, paired with golden fixtures that speak of understated elegance. Another bath showcases a classic wooden vanity, topped with a marble counter, reflecting the clients’ taste for timeless design mixed with modern sensibilities.

Reflecting Vibrant Lives

The home office space is a testament to the clients’ adventurous spirit. Bold blue bookshelves are a backdrop for mementos, each shelf telling a part of their life’s story. Natural light filters in, spotlighting the vibrant colors and textures that make this space not just a place of work, but of inspiration.

Concluding our tour, the East Village Apartment stands as a hallmark of individuality and fine design. Every room, every corner tells the tale of its owners’ vibrant personalities and their love for the eclectic, making CM Natural Designs’ creation a true one-of-a-kind in the tapestry of New York City’s homes.

Photography by Chipper Hatter

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- by Matt Watts