House in Demarest by Jennifer Pacca Interiors

Designed in 2017 by Jennifer Pacca Interiors, House in Demarest is a beautiful contemporary residence located in Demarest, New Jersey, United States.

Contemporary dining room with art gallery wall and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Contemporary home office with sleek furniture and expansive windows.
Minimalist breakfast nook with large round window and snow view.
Contemporary dining nook with starburst chandelier and large porthole window
Contemporary bedroom with large windows and neutral tones.
Bright modern bathroom with double vanity, bathtub, and chair beside a window.
Minimalist white bathroom with large window and snowy view outside.
Modern white bathroom interior with freestanding tub and shower.

About House in Demarest

Embark on a visual journey through the “House in Demarest,” a contemporary masterpiece nestled in the serene locale of Demarest, New Jersey. Conceptualized in 2017 by Jennifer Pacca Interiors, this abode stands as a testament to modern design and sophistication.

Contemporary Charm Amidst Nature

Upon approach, the House in Demarest’s expansive windows invite glimpses of the home’s heart. Winter’s touch adds a tranquil beauty to the landscape, suggesting a harmonious blend with nature’s elegance.

A Study in Elegance: The Dining Area

Step inside to discover the dining area, where minimalism speaks volumes. A neutral palette complements the wooden accents and the curated artwork displayed, creating a silent conversation between art and space.

Transitioning effortlessly, the kitchen exudes a pristine aura with its glossy finishes and sleek lines. Here, functionality meets finesse, embodying the true spirit of contemporary design. Large windows draw in natural light, casting a warm glow over every surface.

The Heart of Comfort: Living Spaces

Adjacent to the kitchen, the living area unfolds, promising comfort without compromising on style. Textured fabrics and plush cushions stand out against the stark beauty of the snowscape beyond.

The master bedroom is a sanctuary of tranquility, with a majestic bed that anchors the room. Floor-to-ceiling windows ensure that each dawn is a spectacle, welcoming the day with the serenity of the surrounding woods.

Finally, the bathroom redefines relaxation, boasting modern fixtures and a bathtub designed for unwinding. Natural light filters through the foliage outside, ensuring privacy and a connection with the environment.

The House in Demarest, crafted by Jennifer Pacca Interiors, is a contemporary jewel that embodies tranquil luxury in every detail.

Photography by Peter Rymwid

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- by Matt Watts