Golden Isles Residence by 2id Interiors

Located in Hallandale Beach, Florida, Golden Isles Residence is a contemporary single family home designed in 2018 by 2id Interiors and Modloft.

Contemporary living room with geometric wall design and large windows.
Modern living room with floating staircase and tropical view outside large windows.
Modern living room with tall windows, geometric wall design, and stylish furniture.
Modern dining room with a glass table, white chairs, and elegant chandelier.
Sleek kitchen with marble counters and metallic cabinets.
Elegant living room with sleek design and pool view.
Modern living room with dark media wall, designer chair, and oval coffee table.
Modern living room with red rug, wooden furniture, and a mounted TV.
Contemporary bedroom with hexagonal-patterned wall and raised platform bed.
Pink and white nursery room with crib, rocking horse, and cabinet.
Contemporary bedroom with large windows and dark wood paneling.
Modern bathroom with freestanding tub, glass showers, and a window.
Modern hallway with wooden panels, floor lighting, and a nature-themed wall art.

About Golden Isles Residence

In the sun-drenched splendor of Hallandale Beach, Florida, the Golden Isles Residence stands as a beacon of contemporary and luxury design. Designed in 2018 by 2id Interiors, this residence exemplifies a modern oasis that beckons with its understated elegance and thoughtful spatial flow.

Sophisticated Simplicity: The Living Room

Upon entry, the living room sets the stage with its voluminous space, defined by crisp lines and an infusion of natural light. Here, each piece of furniture is deliberately placed to both intrigue and invite, creating an environment that reflects the home’s serene outdoor backdrop.

Culinary Brilliance: The Kitchen

Adjacent to the living area, the kitchen serves as the home’s culinary epicenter. With sleek countertops and high-end appliances, it marries functionality with design sophistication. The heart of the home, this kitchen, is a place where meals are not just made but experienced.

Transitioning effortlessly, the dining room echoes the kitchen’s contemporary vibe. A glass table centers the room, surrounded by plush seating, making it perfect for gatherings that extend well beyond the meal.

Playful Elegance: The Children’s Rooms

Moving through the residence, the children’s rooms are thoughtfully designed with a harmonious balance of playfulness and poise. The nursery’s warm pink walls and soft lighting create a soothing atmosphere, while the adjacent bedroom with its vibrant geometric accents offers a stimulating environment for a growing mind.

Tranquil Retreat: The Master Bedroom

Culminating the tour, the master bedroom is a sanctuary of calm, featuring a muted color palette and clean design lines. It offers a peaceful retreat, with expansive windows that frame the Floridian beauty outside, marrying the home’s luxurious interior with its lush surroundings.

The Golden Isles Residence is a testament to 2id Interiors’ ability to craft spaces that are both visually stunning and immensely livable. From the bright, welcoming living room to the serene private quarters, each room tells a story of modern elegance, firmly establishing this residence as a jewel of Hallandale Beach.

Photography by Emilio Collavino

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- by Matt Watts