Home in Milan by 23bassi

Home in Milan is an inspiring home located in Milan, Italy, was designed in 2017 by 23bassi Studio di Architettura.

Sleek living room with curved bookshelf, L-shaped sofa, and a
Modern living room with a bookshelf, staircase, and British flag rug.
Sleek living space with wall-mounted bookshelves, under-stair storage
Modern room with wall-mounted TV, sliding door, and recessed lighting.
Modern kitchen interior with circular light fixture and open shelving.
Compact home office nook with sleek desk and pendant light
Modern bedroom with built-in shelving, LED lighting, and a raised bed platform
Minimalist bedroom with wood panel walls and hidden lighting.
Contemporary bathroom with blue walls and chic chandelier.
Vibrant yellow bathroom wall with a green vanity cabinet and a white basin.

About Home in Milan

Nestled in the cosmopolitan heart of Milan, Italy, the “Home in Milan” project emerges as a testament to modern living. Designed by the visionary minds at 23bassi Studio di Architettura in 2017, this house showcases the symbiosis of artful design and practical urban living.

Modern Elegance Meets Functional Design

Step inside and you’ll find yourself in a living room where simplicity and elegance prevail. Crisp white walls serve as a canvas for the vibrant books that color the bespoke shelving, and the understated grey couch invites relaxation. Above, a sinuous light fixture mimics the city’s dynamic energy, while the staircase promises further discovery.

The transition to the kitchen is subtle yet striking, a testament to the home’s thoughtful layout. Here, culinary artistry takes center stage with state-of-the-art appliances and streamlined cabinetry. The space is a blend of functionality and style, perfect for hosting dinner parties or enjoying a quiet morning coffee.

A Splash of Color in Personal Spaces

In the private quarters, color boldly claims its space. The bathroom bursts with energy; a lemon-yellow mirror contrasts with the sleek green vanity, igniting a zest for life in daily routines. It’s a design choice that reflects the homeowner’s personality – fearless and playful.

Another bathroom offers a different ambiance, where cool blue hues and a cascading chandelier create a serene retreat. Here, modern fixtures and a spacious glass-enclosed shower speak to the house’s overall theme: chic yet entirely livable spaces.

Tranquil Resting Spaces

Finally, the bedroom. It’s a sanctuary where the chaos of the city melts away. Warm wood panels and soft lighting envelope the space, and the elevated bed platform suggests a nest of comfort. Here, one finds a space designed not just for sleep, but for restorative tranquility.

“Home in Milan” by 23bassi Studio di Architettura is not just a dwelling—it’s a narrative of modern Milanese life, articulated through the language of design. Each room weaves into the next, a sequence of spaces crafted with precision, purpose, and a profound understanding of the modern homeowner’s desires.

Photography by Marco Curatolo

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- by Matt Watts