Loft LD by Miro Architetti

Located in Italy, Loft LD is an industrial apartment designed in 2014 by Miro Architetti.

Modern kitchen with black island, stainless steel appliances, and hardwood floors.
Sleek kitchen with black countertops and wooden floors.
Sleek kitchen with contrasting black cabinets, wood floors, and pops of red
Contemporary interior with gray walls, wood floors, and red light fixtures.
Minimalist bedroom with a large bed and a framed picture above it.
Modern bathroom with round vessel sink, wall faucet, and mirror.
Modern shower with dark tiles and a large showerhead.
Contemporary shower with chevron-patterned tiles and a neutral color palette.

About Loft LD

Nestled in the heart of Italy, Loft LD emerges as a testament to Miro Architetti’s masterful blend of industrial design elements with modern living. Crafted in 2014, this apartment stands as an icon of contemporary design, boasting a style that pays homage to both form and function.

The Heart of the Home

Inside, the kitchen asserts itself as the nucleus of Loft LD. Stainless steel appliances and sleek cabinetry echo the industrial theme, while a hanging bicycle suggests a life lived at the intersection of utility and style. Sunlight streams through ample windows, casting a natural warmth over the polished wood floors.

Transitioning seamlessly, the bedroom presents a minimalist retreat, where crisp lines and muted tones offer a tranquil counterpoint to the bustling heart of the home. The placement of a dynamic art piece above the bed injects a burst of energy, harmonizing with the room’s understated elegance.

Creative Corners

In the living space, Loft LD’s design philosophy culminates in a celebration of open space and light. A bespoke work area integrates effortlessly with the living area, its reclaimed wood table and vibrant chair inviting creative endeavors. Here, Miro Architetti’s vision for a space that fosters both relaxation and productivity comes to life.

As the narrative of Loft LD unfolds, room by room, Miro Architetti’s design reveals a meticulous attention to detail and a profound understanding of space. In Italy’s bustling milieu, this apartment stands out as a beacon of industrial design, inviting dwellers and onlookers alike to appreciate the symbiosis of artistry and architecture.

Photography by Simone Nocetti

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- by Matt Watts