Chateau by Fratantoni Luxury Estates

Chateau is a luxurious single family residence located in Arizona, United States, designed in 2018 by Fratantoni Luxury Estates and Fratantoni Design.

Luxurious living room with stone fireplace, beamed ceiling, and elegant furnishings.
Spacious living room with stone fireplace and large circular chandeliers.
Elegant open-plan living space with high ceilings and exposed beams.
Elegant kitchen with textured ceiling, central island, and pendant lights.
Elegant kitchen with island, marble countertops, and herringbone ceiling.
Spacious kitchen with herringbone ceiling, stone accents, and central island.
Elegant dining room with large chandelier and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Rustic-chic bedroom with wood-paneled walls and a wrought-iron
Contemporary living room with exposed beams and large windows.
Elegant living room with wooden beams, chandelier, and neutral tones.
Elegant bedroom with fireplace, beamed ceiling, and French doors.
Elegant bathroom with arched alcoves and patterned floor.
Modern marble tiled bathroom with multiple showerheads and patterned accent wall.
Elegant living room with stone fireplace and exposed beams.
Luxurious house with pool at twilight

About Chateau

Welcome to “Chateau,” an embodiment of luxury and elegance designed by Fratantoni Luxury Estates and Fratantoni Design. Nestled in the heart of Arizona, this house, completed in 2018, is a testament to sophisticated design and modern luxury.

Exquisite Exterior

Our journey begins with the grand facade of Chateau. The stone-clad walls, under the embrace of the twilight sky, create a stunning visual harmony. The expansive windows and open terraces promise a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience. Here, the majestic swimming pool, acting as a mirror to Arizona’s enchanting sunsets, invites a sense of serenity.

Grand Entrance

Stepping inside, the foyer boasts high ceilings adorned with wooden beams, a design choice that harmonizes rustic charm with open, airy spaces. The transitional experience from the rugged outdoors to the refined interior is marked by a meticulously crafted stone fireplace, anchoring the living room’s luxurious yet cozy ambiance.

Elegant Living Spaces

The living room’s large glass doors frame the picturesque Arizona landscape, a testament to the designer’s intention of bringing the outside in. The cohesive design language of neutral tones and natural materials extends into the kitchen. Here, state-of-the-art appliances are complemented by bespoke cabinetry, where functionality meets artistry under a unique herringbone wood ceiling.

Each bedroom is a retreat, with exposed wooden beams and stonework echoing the home’s exterior. The opulent master suite features a fireplace for cool desert nights and direct access to the outdoors, ensuring a private haven of comfort. The accompanying bathroom, with its dual vanities and freestanding tub, is a statement of unbridled luxury.

Chateau’s dedication to luxury is further exemplified in its additional living spaces. A second living room marries the rustic with the modern, featuring a sleek chandelier and expansive windows. Meanwhile, each guest bedroom continues the narrative of rustic elegance, with plush fabrics and bespoke furniture pieces that speak to the home’s overarching theme of understated opulence.

The dining area, framed by black steel glass doors, serves as a focal point for gatherings. It reflects the home’s architectural philosophy of spaces designed to host and entertain. The adjacent outdoor area, visible through these transparent partitions, serves as a reminder of the Arizona beauty that surrounds this magnificent estate.

Each room within Chateau is a chapter in a story of luxury, blending the raw beauty of Arizona with the pinnacle of design and comfort. This house is more than a space—it is an experience, meticulously curated by Fratantoni Luxury Estates and Fratantoni Design, ready to be told and retold through the lives of those who dwell within its walls.

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- by Matt Watts