Delray Beach Home by Lesly Maxwell Interiors

Delray Beach Home is a luxury residence situated in Delray Beach, Florida, designed in 2017 by Lesly Maxwell Interiors.

Elegant foyer with a modern staircase, large windows, and chandeliers.
Elegant lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows and chic decor.
Elegant living room with open patio doors and a tropical view.
Modern kitchen interior with island, bar stools, and pendant lights.
Elegant dining room with glass table, leather chairs, and waterfront view.
Contemporary home office with sleek furnishings and a tropical view.
Contemporary living room with white sofa, patterned floor, and abstract art.
Elegant living room with floor-to-ceiling windows and chic decor.
Elegant bathroom with clean white cabinetry, dark countertops, and stylish accents.
Modern bathroom with double vanity, large mirror, and textured walls.

About Delray Beach Home

Embarking on a journey through the Delray Beach Home, designed in 2017 by Lesly Maxwell Interiors, one discovers a realm where luxury marries the serene Floridian landscape. Nestled in the heart of Delray Beach, Florida, this house stands as a testament to the refined elegance that luxury real estate can embody.

Architectural Allure: A Grand Entrance

Upon entry, guests are greeted by a majestic staircase, a bold statement of modernity and grace. The striking geometric chandelier cascades light over the polished tiles, mirroring the natural light streaming through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Elegance Unfolds: The Living Spaces

Moving into the living room, the space unfolds in a symphony of natural light and refined décor. Each piece, from the plush sofas to the sleek television unit, coexists in harmony, offering a view that extends beyond the confines of walls to the lush greens outside. The adjacent dining area continues this narrative, where a transparent table and metallic accents complement the open, airy nature of the room.

The kitchen, a blend of functionality and style, showcases clean lines and modern fittings. A central island becomes the heart of the space, inviting gatherings and culinary adventures. Nearby, an intimate breakfast nook offers a tranquil spot for morning coffee, framed by expansive windows that draw the outdoors in.

Intimate Interiors: Personal Spaces

The personal quarters of the Delray Beach Home reveal a keen attention to detail. The master bedroom is a sanctuary of calm, with soft textures and a color palette that reflects the sky and water just a glance away. The ensuite bathroom boasts sleek fixtures and a minimalist design, ensuring a serene retreat for the senses.

In contrast, the media room offers a bold take on comfort with its dark hues and rich textures, crafting an enveloping atmosphere for entertainment. The office space, with its tasteful blend of modern furniture and classic design elements, inspires productivity with a view.

Concluding the tour, the bathroom and utility spaces echo the home’s overarching theme of understated luxury, marrying form and function with polished surfaces and elegant fixtures. Delray Beach Home, a Lesly Maxwell Interiors masterpiece, stands not just as a house, but as a beacon of modern luxury living.

Photography courtesy of Lesly Maxwell Interiors

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- by Matt Watts