Tea House Design by G&S Design

Designed in 2018 by G&S Design, project Tea House Design is a modern tea house located in Shenzhen, China.

Minimalist interior with wooden slat partition and oversized vase centerpiece.
Modern minimalist room with white walls, designer furniture, and accent lighting.
Modern interior with large windows, sliding doors, and minimalistic decor.
Sleek interior with wooden floors, minimalist decor, and large windows.
Spacious room with minimalist wooden table and plants.
Modern dining room with wooden table, black stone wall, and neutral tones.
Contemporary dining room with wooden elements and ample natural light.
Contemporary living space with sleek furniture and warm wood tones.
Sleek interior with a minimalist bookshelf and elegant dining setup.

About Tea House Design

Stepping into the Tea House Design by G&S Design, located in the vibrant heart of Shenzhen, China, one is immediately enveloped in a modernist embrace that redefines tranquility. Designed in 2018, this tea house merges contemporary aesthetics with the timeless ritual of tea, creating an unparalleled retreat.

A Modernist Welcome

The journey begins in the entrance hall, where a colossal, weathered vase anchors the space. Here, wooden slats rise like modern-day bamboo, hinting at the traditional tea houses of yore. The play of light and shadow through the slats casts a serene pattern, priming the senses for repose.

Elegance in Repose

Transitioning to the lounge, the theme of restrained elegance continues. A slate-toned shelving unit, backlit for effect, showcases minimalist tea wares. The furniture here – a blend of dark woods and muted fabrics – speaks to a design ethos where every element serves a purpose, and nothing is superfluous.

The Zen of Dining

The dining area unfolds as a tableau of simplicity. Wooden tables and chairs, hewn as if from solid trees, invite guests to gather. Against the backdrop of woven blinds, the space is a canvas for the ritual of tea, where the act of sharing a meal becomes a meditative practice.

Through each room, the Tea House Design is a testament to G&S Design’s mastery of modern interiors, a space where architecture and serenity dance in quiet harmony. In the heart of Shenzen, this tea house stands as a modern monument to the age-old art of leisure and conversation, steeped in the spirit of its locale.

Photography courtesy of G&S Design

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- by Matt Watts