Belgica House by Amz Arquitetos

Designed in 2016 by Amz Arquitetos, Belgica House is a contemporary two-story house located in São Paulo, Brazil.

Minimalist living room with large sofas and central coffee table.
Open-plan living space with expansive windows onto lush greenery.
Modern dining room with wooden table, chairs, and kitchen cabinets, white walls,
Minimalist patio with wooden table set, pendant light, and corrugated walls
Modern living room with glass walls and garden view.
Modern staircase with vertical metal balusters and wooden steps.
Minimalist bedroom with white bedding, wooden headboard, and cowhide rug.
Modern glass house with a wooden deck and red chairs.
Contemporary outdoor deck with seating, reflecting pool, and flowering trees.
Contemporary house with open patio and lush garden.
Modern building with overhanging upper level, large windows, and a grassy
Modern two-story house with cantilevered upper level and pool.

About Belgica House

Belgica House: A Masterpiece of Design and Function

Adriana Zampieri and Pablo Alvarenga, the visionary architects behind AMZ Arquitetos, have crafted Belgica House, nestled in São Paulo, Brazil’s lush residential zones. This architectural marvel stands out for its strategic organization into three functional blocks: service, sleeping, and leisure, each designed to foster an unbroken connection between indoors and outdoors.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

The house’s social area, devoid of walls, offers an unobstructed view and direct access to the garden, embodying the essence of open-plan living. Meanwhile, translucent sliding doors cleverly delineate the service block from the living and pool areas. With these doors opened, the service areas—including the pantry, kitchen, and barbecue zone—merge with the social spaces and garden, creating a vast, interconnected environment.

Private Spaces with a View

Perched in the upper block, the sleeping quarters promise privacy and serenity. Here, pine wood panels, both hinged and sliding, reveal breathtaking views of the garden and the green-roofed service block below. This thoughtful design not only ensures privacy but also connects inhabitants with nature’s beauty.

Elevated Leisure

The pinnacle of Belgica House is its top block, dedicated to leisure. It boasts a gym that opens onto a terrace, inviting sunlight in and offering panoramic views of the verdant neighborhood. This space is perfect for those seeking relaxation or a picturesque workout setting.

Nighttime Glow

As daylight fades, the house transforms. The translucent panels glow from within, casting a warm light into the garden. This reversal of day and night aesthetics highlights the house’s dynamic relationship with light, making Belgica House a beacon of architectural innovation and beauty.

In crafting Belgica House, AMZ Arquitetos have blurred the lines between architectural form and function, presenting a home that is as engaging as it is practical. This integration of space, coupled with the strategic use of materials and design, showcases the architects’ commitment to creating a living space that is both luxurious and in harmony with its surroundings.

Photography by Maíra Acayaba

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- by Matt Watts