Casa Arroyomolinos by Kubikoo Estudio

Casa Arroyomolinos is a beautiful beach style residence located in Madrid, Spain, designed in 2018 by Kubikoo Estudio.

Modern living room with large sofas, fireplace, and concrete finishes.
Modern living room with a large L-shaped sofa and a wooden ceiling lamp.
A sleek, minimalist living room with concrete walls and a white floor-standing speaker.
Modern living room with geometric ceiling design, concrete walls, and minimal decor.
Contemporary floating wooden staircase in a minimalist interior.
Modern open-concept living space with a floating staircase, kitchen, and dining area
Modern kitchen interior with white cabinetry and exposed beams.
Modern dining room with a wooden table, white chairs, and an open staircase.
Modern minimalist bedroom with large windows and concrete ceiling.
Minimalist corner with a large mirror, potted plants, and a patterned
Modern bathroom interior with a sink, mirror, and gray tiles.
Modern floating staircase visible through a large window, surrounded by manicured shrubs.

About Casa Arroyomolinos

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Madrid, Spain, Casa Arroyomolinos stands as a testament to contemporary design. Conceived by the innovative minds at Kubikoo Estudio in 2018, this house merges the breeziness of beach aesthetics with the stark, modern edge of concrete construction.

Refined Minimalism Meets Industrial Chic

Step inside and the living room greets you with an open, airy space, marked by its oversized sofas that invite relaxation. The concrete fireplace, a central feature, anchors the room with its warmth, contrasting with the sprawling glass doors that offer views of the serene outdoors.

Sleek Functionality in Design

The journey inward leads to the bathroom, where functionality meets luxury. Clean lines define the space, featuring a floating vanity and a spacious, walk-in shower, all enveloped in the same cool concrete that characterizes the home.

Serene Spaces for Rejuvenation

Continuing the exploration, the bedroom provides a private sanctuary. The minimalist approach is evident here, where the bed, positioned centrally, basks in natural light. The simplicity of the décor underscores the room’s calm, reflective atmosphere.

In the dining area, the narrative of simplicity continues. A robust wooden table, accompanied by sleek chairs, stands under chic pendant lighting, setting the stage for intimate gatherings. The adjacent open kitchen, with its streamlined cabinetry, echoes the house’s commitment to clean, uncluttered spaces.

The architectural journey culminates in a striking staircase, an art piece in itself, that ascends to the private quarters. Its open design and wooden steps appear to float, reflecting Kubikoo Estudio’s dedication to blending form with function.

Casa Arroyomolinos is not just a structure; it’s a living design statement, echoing the modern desire for spaces that are both functional and artistically resonant. Here, Kubikoo Estudio has crafted not just a house, but a masterpiece of modern living.

Photography courtesy of Kubikoo Estudio

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- by Matt Watts