JINKE JiuQu River by NNS Institute of the Interior Art & Design

Located in Chongqing, China, this beautiful asian-style residence was designed by by NNS Institute of the Interior Art & Design.

Description by NNS Design

“Let it be a unique design in Chinese style” was the first idea when we received the project. After many discussions with the client, “start from the new, design from heart” became our final direction. We left the cumbersome system and return to the pursuit of simplicity in Design. We worked to retain the Chinese soul and Chinese elements into the life of people living nowadays and found innovative ways to integrate Chinese Design and modern life. We have to harmoniously fit 9 Chinese elements into the design. We worked our best to incorporate each shapes to its meaning still providing the comfort of modern lifestyle. The design has the kept the Chinese style to its core, giving the feelings of the East, adding the traditional Chinese elements of life, highlighting the temperament of China and gives a complete feelings of Chinese traditional Design including 9 Chinese traditional elements. We have always kept in mind the purpose of design is to serve the life.

Photography by Yan Ming from B+M Studio

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- by Matt Watts

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