Las Tortugas by Laura Juarez Baggett Studio

Located in Texas, US, Las Tortugas is a beautiful single-story residence designed by Laura Juarez Baggett Studio.

Modern dining and living room with sleek furniture and large windows.
Modern kitchen interior with wood cabinets and large bubble chandelier.
Modern dining room with a glass table, designer chairs, and artistic lighting.
Contemporary bathroom with sleek grey cabinetry and green towels.
Sleek bathroom with large window and garden view.
Modern bathroom with glass shower door and wheelchair access.
Contemporary home with pool and wooden deck under a clear sky.
Modern house facade with green door and concrete pathway
Contemporary house with flat roofs, large windows, and a neutral color palette.
Contemporary house with illuminated pool at dusk.
Contemporary house with poolside loungers at dusk.

About Las Tortugas

Welcome to “Las Tortugas,” a single-story residence where Texas charm meets contemporary design. Crafted by the visionary Laura Juarez Baggett Studio, this home stands as a testament to modern living.

Sleek Exteriors

As dusk falls, Las Tortugas emerges as a geometric masterpiece. Linear silhouettes against the Texan sky create a striking visual narrative. The integration of natural light and shadow plays across its surfaces, showcasing a blend of materials that speak to the contemporary ethos of the design. Conceived in 2023, this property is a beacon of modern architecture.

Inviting Interiors

Step inside and you’re welcomed by an open-plan living space. The eye is drawn to a bubble chandelier, a playful juxtaposition against the clean lines of the dining area. The warmth of wood on the ceiling mirrors the dining set, creating harmony. Every detail echoes the home’s sleek, uncluttered ethos.

Transitioning to the lounge, comfort reigns with plush seating poised for relaxation. The muted color palette invites calm, while floor-to-ceiling windows frame nature as living art. Here, the studio’s design encourages moments of tranquility.

A Nod to Nature

The kitchen is a modern chef’s dream. Its centerpiece, a substantial island, is both a statement and a gathering spot. Above, a sculptural hood vent draws the eye, while wood cabinetry grounds the space. State-of-the-art appliances are discreetly tucked away, maintaining the sleek aesthetic. It’s a space designed not just for cooking, but for living.

The seamless transition from indoors to outdoors blurs the line between the built and natural environments. A shaded patio extends living space into the open air, while the pool invites leisurely days under the Texas sun. Privacy walls and thoughtful landscaping ensure a personal oasis.

Bathrooms in Las Tortugas offer spa-like serenity. A glass-enclosed shower, boasting dual showerheads, emphasizes transparency and light. In another, a freestanding tub beside a large window creates a sanctuary for rejuvenation with views of the private garden. Contemporary fixtures and a restrained color scheme speak to the minimalist luxury that defines this residence.

In conclusion, Las Tortugas, brought to life by Laura Juarez Baggett Studio, is a residence that redefines contemporary living in Texas. Each room flows into the next, creating a narrative of design that is both coherent and captivating. It stands as an emblem of modernity, where design meets function in the most seamless way imaginable.

Photography by Charles Davis Smith

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- by Matt Watts