House H by Felipe Assadi Arquitectos

Located in Zapallar, Chile, House H is a concrete private residence designed in 2017 by Felipe Assadi Arquitectos.

Sleek interior with fireplace, leather chair, and large windows.
Contemporary room with glass walls, suspended chair, and fireplace.
Modern kitchen with hanging lights, glass table, and concrete ceiling.
Contemporary kitchen with white cabinetry and central island.
Minimalist bedroom with ocean view through floor-to-ceiling windows.
Minimalist bedroom with ocean view and concrete wall
Ocean-view bathroom with floor-to-ceiling windows and a freestanding tub.
Contemporary house with expansive glass walls and a cantilevered roof over a
Contemporary concrete house with ocean view.
Sleek, angular building with expansive glass walls, perched on a hill
Contemporary linear house with glass walls nestled in mountainside.
Modern terrace with pool overlooking the sea at dusk.
Sleek glass-walled residence with illuminated pool at dusk.
Contemporary hillside house with expansive glass walls at dusk.

About House H

Innovative Design of House H

House H emerges as a marvel of architecture, utilizing a reinforced concrete framework to fuse longitudinal and transverse beams into a unified structural entity. Emphasizing the essence of living within a meticulously designed space, this approach blurs the line between the technical feasibility and the design of the project itself. Consequently, House H transcends its physical form to become a masterpiece of structural integrity even before its completion as a residence.

A Structural Symphony

The design journey of House H begins from the top, where the ceiling slab gracefully suspends from two primary beams. Oriented north-south, these beams stretch impressively to 41 meters (about 134.5 feet) in length and stand 1.40 meters (about 4.6 feet) tall. Remarkably, only four walls support these beams, enabling the creation of expansive cantilevers extending 7 meters (about 23 feet) at both ends. Furthermore, this innovative system finds its foundation in two additional beams of identical length beneath the floor slab, supported by the same four walls. This not only anchors the structure but also delineates living spaces, with bedrooms anchoring one end and a transversal volume on the other. This volume not only marks the entrance but also extends toward the sea, featuring a pool that projects another 7 meters towards the slope, enhancing the sea views dramatically.

Seamless Spatial Integration

Upon entering House H, one finds the common areas – a living room, dining room, and kitchen – merged into a singular, unobstructed space. This area, devoid of partitions or columns, also houses the master suite, complete with its bathroom. A separate lower level, accessible externally, offers a family room and additional bedrooms. The design cleverly incorporates a massive beam-wall that not only defines the facade but also transitions into functional wood furniture throughout the home, tailored to each space’s needs.

Connecting Levels with Elegance

A unique blend of vertical circulation connects the house’s two levels through a staircase and a ramp, intersecting where the pool’s transverse structure meets. This setup culminates in a courtyard that pierces the main structure east to west, embodying the project’s vision of levitating above the slope. This not only facilitates movement within the house but also reinforces its connection with the surrounding landscape.

In summary, House H stands as a testament to innovative design, where structural prowess and aesthetic appeal converge. Through its bold use of beams and walls, the house invites its inhabitants to experience architecture not just as a backdrop to their lives but as an integral part of it.

Photography by Fernando Alda

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- by Matt Watts