The Deerings by Gresford Architects

The Deerings is a modern two-story house located in the UK, designed in 2017 by Gresford Architects.

Modern two-story house with wooden facade and large windows.
Bright, airy living space with wooden ceiling and colorful hanging lights.
Modern living room with wooden slats ceiling and colorful hanging lamps.
Contemporary kitchen with blue cabinetry and colorful pendant lights.
Wood-paneled room with a fireplace and framed artwork on the wall.
Modern home interior with wooden floors, white walls, and a black staircase.
Contemporary house with wood paneling and integrated garage at twilight.

About The Deerings

Modern Living Redefined at The Deerings

Nestled in the verdant landscape of the United Kingdom, The Deerings emerges as a testament to modern design. Crafted by Gresford Architects in 2017, this two-story house stands as an embodiment of contemporary elegance. The façade, a symphony of textured wood, seamlessly integrates into the lush surroundings, offering a warm invitation to discover more.

A Harmony of Wood and Light

Approaching The Deerings, one is struck by the harmonious interplay between the natural wood exterior and the expansive glass windows. The house’s alignment captures the tranquility of daylight and the serenity of the evening glow, establishing a connection with the changing skies. Transitioning into the backyard, the seamless indoor-outdoor flow is evident, with generous terraces inviting leisure and entertainment amidst nature.

The Heart of The Home

Stepping inside, the open-plan living room awaits with its high ceilings and light wooden floors, reinforcing the modern aesthetic. Strategic placement of art enhances the space, while the staircase serves as a sculptural element, guiding upwards with its bold, contrasting design. The wood stove corner, wrapped in vertical wooden slats, provides a textured backdrop and a cozy retreat within the expansive room.

The journey continues into the kitchen, where functionality meets style. Cool blue cabinetry contrasts with the warmth of the wooden ceiling, and vibrant pendant lights add a playful touch of color. The kitchen, equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, overlooks the dining area, which basks in natural light and views of the green outdoors.

Concluding the tour, the living spaces reveal meticulous attention to detail. The combination of clean lines, natural materials, and thoughtful lighting creates an inviting atmosphere that’s both sophisticated and comfortable. The Deerings, through Gresford Architects’ vision, stands as a beacon of modern living, where design and nature exist in perfect balance.

Photography by Quinlin Lake

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- by Matt Watts