Beniowskiego Apartment by Raca Architekci

Designed in 2018 by Raca Architekci, Beniowskiego Apartment is a modern home located in Gdańsk, Poland.

Contemporary living room with sleek furnishings and wooden floors.
Contemporary living room with a teal sofa, wooden accents, and minimalist decor.
Contemporary living room with emerald couch and wooden accents.
Modern dining room with bookshelves, table, and chairs.
Modern bedroom with a grey bed, teal walls, and minimalist decor.
Modern bedroom with a slatted wood partition, teal walls, and gray bedding.
Contemporary, minimalist living space with guitars on wall and sleek furniture.
Contemporary styled children's bedroom with pastel colors and geometric patterns.
Sleek bathroom with wooden vanity, large mirror, and teal walls.
Sleek bathroom with dark green tiles, patterned floor, and glass shower
Contemporary bathroom with tropical-themed shower tiles.
Modern bathroom with white fixtures and wooden cabinets.

About Beniowskiego Apartment

Welcome to a journey through the Beniowskiego Apartment, a masterpiece of modern design by Raca Architekci, nestled in the vibrant heart of Gdańsk, Poland. Designed in 2018, this apartment stands as a testament to contemporary aesthetics and functionality.

Sleek Modernity at the Entrance

As we step inside, we’re greeted by the entrance hall, a harmonious blend of clean lines and warm wood tones. The corridor serves as a welcoming prelude to the living spaces, balancing utility with modern elegance.

A Living Room Bathed in Light

The living room unfolds in a symphony of natural light and tasteful decor. Here, the modern design style comes to life with a plush, emerald green sofa that invites relaxation and conversation, while the sleek media console and chic furnishings reflect a meticulous attention to detail.

Culinary Chic in the Kitchen

Transitioning to the kitchen, we find a space where functionality meets style. The streamlined cabinetry and open shelving are not just visually appealing but also exemplify the apartment’s smart use of space. The kitchen’s design facilitates a seamless culinary experience, all within a modern backdrop.

Moving through the apartment, each room articulates its own design story while contributing to the cohesive narrative of the home. The bedroom whispers serenity with its cool, calming hues and minimalist design, offering a tranquil retreat. The children’s room, with its playful yet understated decor, demonstrates versatility in modern design, perfect for sparking creativity and imagination.

The bathroom’s clean lines and uncluttered layout evoke a spa-like ambiance, enhanced by the bold, botanical backdrop in the shower area, making it a refreshing escape.

In this apartment, Raca Architekci has created more than a living space; they’ve sculpted an experience that marries the sleekness of modern design with the warmth of a home. Each room, from the living area to the bedrooms, echoes the narrative of sophisticated comfort, making the Beniowskiego Apartment a pinnacle of modern living.

Photography by foto&mohito

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- by Matt Watts