Casa D by Pauhof Architekten

Casa D is an inspiring single family residence located in Neustift, Italy, designed in 2007 by Pauhof Architekten.

Contemporary room with wooden walls, minimalist decor, and large windows.
Contemporary dining space with glass walls and wooden accents.
Minimalist room with unique chairs designed as human silhouettes around a table.
Modern bedroom with large bed, wooden floor, and gold accent wall.
Contemporary bathroom with wood paneling and freestanding tub.
Modern building with curved overhang and glass facade overlooking mountains.
Curved building facade with wooden details overlooking mountains.
Curved wooden building facade with vine and balcony railings.
Modern house with horizontal lines blending with mountainous background.

About Casa D

Casa D: A Contemporary Gem in Neustift, Italy

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Neustift, Italy, Casa D emerges as a masterful creation of Pauhof Architekten, completed in 2007. The contemporary house captivates with a design that harmonizes with its Alpine surroundings.

Architectural Alchemy in the Alps

The exterior of Casa D presents a bold, linear silhouette against the rolling hills. Dark, textured facades ripple with the light, mirroring the rugged mountains beyond. Designed in 2007, the building’s wrap-around balconies and expansive glass windows invite nature inside, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living.

Stepping Inside: A Journey Through Modernity

Entering the abode, one is greeted by a spacious, light-filled interior. The living room boasts sleek furnishings and minimalist decor, allowing the architectural elements to shine. A sweeping staircase leads up, promising more design delights on the upper levels.

Transitioning to the kitchen, functionality meets sophistication. State-of-the-art appliances are set against warm wooden tones and clean lines, reflecting the contemporary ethos that Pauhof Architekten envisioned.

Adjacent, the dining area offers a convivial space. A long wooden table, surrounded by elegantly simple chairs, sets the stage for intimate gatherings, with panoramic views serving as the backdrop.

The bedrooms of Casa D are sanctuaries of tranquility. Wooden elements continue to echo throughout, providing a sense of continuity and warmth. Each room frames views of the landscape, ensuring a serene connection with the outdoors.

In the bathrooms, modern fixtures complement the natural materials, creating spaces that are both luxurious and comforting. Here, one finds a balance of modernity and intimacy, indicative of the home’s thoughtful design.

Casa D, with its innovative design by Pauhof Architekten, stands as a beacon of contemporary architecture in Neustift, Italy—a testament to the harmony of form, function, and environment.

Photography courtesy of Pauhof Architekten

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- by Matt Watts