Courtyard House by Architecture Paradigm

Courtyard House project is a contemporary single family house located in India, designed in 2018 by Architecture Paradigm.

Modern white architect-designed house with angular shapes surrounded by greenery.
Contemporary house with geometric design and lush garden.
Contemporary house entryway with wooden walls and garden view.
Modern living room with beige sofa, armchair, and wooden entertainment wall.
Modern living room with beige sofas, large windows, and minimal decor.
Modern open-plan dining area with kitchen, wooden table, and garden view.
Modern bedroom with a large bed, Eames chair, and garden view.
Contemporary white building with overhanging roof and lush garden.

About Courtyard House

A Harmonious Blend of Nature and Design

Nestled on the outskirts of Bangalore’s burgeoning neighborhoods, this home enjoys a picturesque setting against a rugged hillock. Strategically positioned at a T junction within a gated community, the property ascends in three distinct tiers away from the road toward the west. These tiers form the foundation for the home’s design, seamlessly integrating it with the natural terrain.

Architectural Vision and Spatial Dynamics

The design organizes living spaces into three conceptual bars—public, semi-public, and private—each revolving around an expansive courtyard. A meandering circulation spine offers effortless access to the outdoors, enhancing the connection between interior and exterior spaces.

The courtyard stands as a testament to design ingenuity, merging diverse elements into a unified entity. It acts as a mediator between the untamed wilderness and the home’s structured form, redefining the conventional boundaries of inside and outside. The residence features a trio of open areas: a front yard that serves as a welcoming transition, a courtyard for gathering, and a secluded backyard for privacy. Strategic placement of openings, windows, and slits fosters a dialogue with these outdoor spaces, softening the distinction between designated functions within the home.

Design That Embraces the Landscape

The house’s exterior is characterized by a series of angular facets that link the three functional areas, creating a sense of unity and continuous flow. This design choice is inspired by the site’s natural steps and bridges the gap between the harshness of the rocky terrain and the softness of the surrounding landscape. Like the central courtyard, these facets craft an intermediary space that resonates with the harmony of the built and natural environments.

Through thoughtful architecture and landscape integration, this residence epitomizes the balance between human habitation and nature’s essence, offering a peaceful sanctuary that respects its setting while providing a modern living experience.

Photography courtesy of Architecture Paradigm

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- by Matt Watts