Dnipro City Apartment by Tobi Architects

This inspiring apartment located in Dnipro City, Ukraine, was designed by Tobi Architects.

Description by Tobi Architects

This interior has a character, it is “simple” and “complex” at the same time, it does not have classical compositions.

The interior looks like it was assembled by the owner in a few years. We tried to achieve the cosiness of classical American interiors, but in the modern context due to a leather red sofa, dark colors, mats made of matting, a table made of wood. Also there is no white color, the walls and ceiling are painted gray-beige to avoid strong contrasts and make the atmosphere more cozy and relaxing.

The abundance of plants, warm wood, open shelves for books and wine are balanced by the linear geometry of the panel behind the TV, the minimalist kitchen, the elegant Delta Light chandelier over the island.

The bedrooms are very small, but in the master bedroom it was possible to make a separate wardrobe behind the sliding wooden panel.

Photography courtesy of Tobi Architects

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- by Matt Watts

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