Dnipro City Apartment by Tobi Architects

Dnipro City Apartment is an inspiring home located in Dnipro City, Ukraine, designed by Tobi Architects.

Modern living room with a beige sofa, wooden furniture, and urban view.
Modern living room with sleek furniture and natural light.
Modern living room with sleek TV wall unit and wooden coffee table.
Modern living room with tan furniture and sleek dark accent wall.
Modern hallway with vertical garden and potted plants.
Modern kitchen with wooden accents and circular pendant lighting.
Modern kitchen with wooden accents and central island under an elliptical light fixture.
Modern minimalist home office nook with large window, blinds, and black chair.
Modern minimalist study with a cozy nook, sleek furniture, and city view.
Modern minimalist home office with wooden desk, chair, wall art, and decorative lamp
Modern minimalist living space with sage green walls, a white sofa, and elegant lighting
Modern bedroom with a textured dark gray wall, sleek cabinetry, and pendant light
Modern bathroom with circular mirrors, wood paneling, and a sleek vanity.
Modern bathroom with grey tiled walls, glass shower, and wooden cabinet.

About Dnipro City Apartment

Embarking on a journey through the Dnipro City Apartment, designed by Tobi Architects, reveals an interior where complexity and simplicity converge to create a serene haven. Nestled in the heart of Dnipro, Ukraine, this apartment dismisses the classical in favor of an organic aesthetic that has seemingly evolved over years.

Singular Living Spaces

The living area is a testament to Tobi Architects’ vision of contemporary American coziness, encapsulating comfort in the modern context. A supple leather sofa, bathed in warm, gray-beige tones, anchors the room, eliminating stark contrasts to foster a relaxing atmosphere. The living space exudes a collected charm, featuring mats of matting and a rugged wooden table as central pieces.

Culinary Elegance

Transitioning to the kitchen, one finds a minimalist space where functionality meets artistic design. The sleek geometry of the kitchen’s surfaces is softened by the Delta Light chandelier’s elegant glow. A dark-toned, linear backdrop for the television stands in sophisticated contrast to the open shelving, laden with literature and wine, a nod to cultivated leisure.

Intimate Slumber Quarters

The intimacy of the bedrooms is magnified by their scaled-down dimensions, with the master bedroom boasting a discrete wardrobe behind a sliding wooden panel. Here, serenity is cultivated through muted colors and strategic lighting, creating a cocoon-like environment that invites rest and rejuvenation.

In every corner, the Dnipro City Apartment offers a narrative of textures and hues, a deliberate avoidance of the sterile, and an embrace of the harmoniously imperfect. It’s a space that embodies the tranquil passage of time, designed not just for living but for savoring life’s quiet moments.

Photography courtesy of Tobi Architects

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- by Matt Watts